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Archangel Metatron’s ‘Healing for Our Time’

In channelling this unique system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion to Kevin Core (October 2002 to February 2003), Archangel Metatron told him that Angelic Reiki is “the healing for our time”, that it is “. . . one of the highest forms of healing for individuals and the planet”. Having worked with this safe, natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing since early 2005, I can say that it truly is!healing-for-our-time

I continue to be inspired by Angelic Reiki’s exquisite, pure, divine love vibrational energy, and by the way it interacts uniquely with each person to work at core level, facilitating whatever healing is necessary; also how it promotes individual change in their life in ways best suited to them.

When I first read Kevin Core’s article in Paradigm Shift (2004) I was sceptical, and doubted how learning Angelic Reiki could benefit me. I’d already worked with angels, taught angel workshops and trained to master teacher level in Tibetan, Eastern and Western Usui Reiki as well as Seichim and Sekhem, and had served as chair of the UK Reiki Federation. A long conversation with Kevin helped me appreciate that Angelic Reiki was not just another form of Reiki – that it is 80% pure, high-vibrational angelic energy; only 20% Reiki though the symbols which were originally given to humanity by angels, and which are purified and raised to their original angelic vibration during Angelic Reiki attunements/initiations.

And, after attending many of Kevin and Christine’s workshops, I experienced for myself, (and in the 7 years since have witnessed with those I have taught and treated) how very easy to learn, simple to use and delightful to receive Angelic Reiki is. How inexpressibly magnificent and humbling it is to connect through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to one’s own Soul energy; how powerfully Angels and other Beings of Light reach deep into our current as well as past-life issues to bring through unique healing; how it expands consciousness (changes how we perceive everything); and how it facilitates therapeutic change in the most appropriate ways for us.

If Angelic Reiki is so special, of such high, pure vibrational energy, is it better than Usui Reiki?

Spiritual masters since ancient times have taught that there are many dimensions, each with sub-dimensions, all coexisting and that our human perception of ‘higher’ is misplaced. The term ‘high’ refers to dimensional resonance rather than hierarchical ranking.

So, no, Angelic Reiki is not better than any other system of healing. However, yes, it is different, noticeably so. One particular difference is that Angelic Reiki attunements are passed by the Angels and as such are totally pure; they do not (as in the case of Usui attunements) come through the consciousness of the teacher. See here for more information.


Recognising that the energies and healing effects of Angelic Reiki are different from Usui Reiki and other healing modalities (and as such will attract different clients), over the years many professional therapists – myself included – have chosen to add this form of angelic healing to their holistic therapy offerings.

Angelic Reiki attracts those who, when reading or hearing about it, feel a resonance, a vibrational connection, a strong ‘pull’ which encourages them to experience it via treatments and/or training. So it is with the vibration of any healing modality and spiritual discipline. People are drawn – seemingly inexplicably – to the vibration of whichever energy resonates most closely with whatever they need at that time. And, as their vibrational frequency changes – as it must in line with the myriad influences upon them – their preferences change; they are then drawn to whichever healing/spiritual energy resonates with them most strongly at that time and which will be most beneficial for that stage of their level of awareness/ state of being. Or perhaps not! . . . since, whilst increasing numbers of people continue to be attracted to natural medicine/complementary therapies etc, there are many who have no interest whatsoever in holistic approaches and spiritual advancement. They are where they need to be and their beliefs and life choices are to be respected.


It is impossible, and would be totally inappropriate, for the whole of the human race to have the same preferences all of the time. As such, the comparisons we make – be they about healing modalities, spiritual development opportunities or anything else offered to us – need to be based on sound information. Sound information is what I endeavour to offer via my website and my teaching.

How does the healing vibration of Angelic Reiki feel different from other healing modalities?

Kevin Core explained that “What sets Angelic Reiki apart is the Divine Vibration which attunes the healer and patient to their soul energy – and that it is the Angelic Vibration, being an extension of the Divine itself that makes this possible.” He went on to say “When a healing is instigated using this system, both the practitioner and person receiving the treatment receive a downpouring of Soul Energy, which raises their consciousness. For the person receiving the treatment this causes any old thought forms not in tune with the Divine Vibration to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration, relieving non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions. The practitioner also receives this energy, which enables them to perceive the causes of disease more clearly. They also become more attuned to working with the Beings of Light on the higher dimensions whose purpose it is to anchor Divinity on Earth. Angelic Reiki is transformational both for the practitioner and the client since, in addition to the dislodgement and transmutation mentioned above, it raises and expands consciousness facilitating greater clarity in the ways clients (and indeed those learning Angelic Reiki) view themselves, their roles, their relationships, their world, and their spirituality . . . indeed everything.

Because this pure, high vibrational angelic healing comes direct from the Angelic Kingdom of Light, the various sensations the client experiences feel different from other treatments they may have had.

Many people say it feels very gentle, light and supportive yet powerful and profound; some comment on its ability to bring to the surface that which has been suppressed; others have no words to describe it. Of note is the reaction of Usui Reiki Masters I’ve taught – some of whom were initially sceptical – who were vocal regarding their experience of how different the sensation of connecting with the energies of Angelic Reiki treatments and attunements were for them, and the absence of or minimal extent of ‘clearings’ experienced afterwards. One very experienced Usui Reiki Master Teacher said that “The most noticeable physical change to date is that my spine is perfect, with no pain whatsoever. My discs are now perfectly aligned. They correspond exactly with the heart chakra and I have felt this open for the first time ever.” GP, Kidderminster.

So, while during healing treatments and training courses some people are able to describe their experiences, others have no 3D references to help them explain. They just know they have experienced something deeply profound.

Often the healing starts before the actual treatment or workshop commences since angels connect in consciousness with the client/student to prepare them in advance. In addition, the healing received during a treatment or a workshop continues for 3 to 4 weeks afterwards as the client/student integrates the healing energy and works with the changes it engenders.

From my own experience in conducting countless Angelic Reiki healing treatments and teaching many, many workshops at all levels of Angelic Reiki, I can confirm what Kevin and Christine Core say on their website: “During workshops people attest to the fact that they can feel the connection to the Divine more powerfully than at any other time in their lives. The whole space in which we work takes on a different quality, a different resonance, a different vibration. The group becomes one as an expression of the Divine Consciousness Itself. The space of our group touches the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius, the Galactic Masters of Orion, the Galactic Masters of Aldebaron and the Pleiades, and we play together as an expression of the Divine.

Anyone can benefit from Angelic Reiki. Treatments are beneficial on many levels and are equally suitable for the unborn child/pregnant mother right through to those transitioning to death. Anyone over the age of 14 can learn Angelic Reiki to use, first and foremost, for self-healing. Training right through to professional practitioner and master teacher levels is also available. It is not necessary to know about angels, reiki, healing, spirituality, etc before arranging an Angelic Reiki treatment or booking a workshop. All that’s necessary is a mind and heart open to embrace this energy.

This article appeared in Paradigm Shift -Issue 60. Feb–May 2013