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How Angelic Reiki differs from Usui and other forms of Reiki

Article by Kevin Core


There are many differences between the Reiki systems that are taught in the world and Angelic Reiki.  Anybody who learns Angelic Reiki can definitely feel these differences; however, people do need to have a description of the main differences that define this system in regard to other systems.

It is now generally accepted that the system of healing known as Reiki is the original system of healing that was practiced in Atlantis.  Again, it is widely accepted that the civilisation of Atlantis was higher in consciousness with regard to contacting Divine Wisdom than our society today.  They used vibrational symbols to contact divine energies which when applied to a closed system, such as the physical body, would bring balance and alignment to the archetypes upon which that body was formed.  This is the modus operandi of all healing.  Humanity, as part of the root race which was Atlantis had chosen the steady descent into the density of the material world.  This caused the programming held in the base chakra, the fight and flight programming which created the leader of the pack, the tribe, the King, also to create ego.  As ego developed it created rifts in the priests of Atlantis causing enmity, self-centeredness, and ultimately led to the dissolution of Atlantis through the misuse of energies for personal gain.

Likewise, all of the esoteric practices used by the priests of Atlantis dropped into a state of disconnection from Divine Archetypes and the purity was lost.

The healing system of the Atlanteans was rediscovered by Dr Usui in the 1880s, due to humanity now being on the opposite of the 26,000 year cycle of our solar system, where Atlantis was destroyed.  There is an esoteric interplay in any cycle, whereby points on that cycle are at 180° to each other.

The system of healing that Dr Usui rediscovered has been strictly preserved through the lineage of the purity of transmission of the symbols that Dr Usui brought forward.

The spiritual perception of humanity in the 1880s encompassed the fact that we were part of a system known as the Solar System.  What this means is that intellectual/spiritual humanity at that time could only perceive themselves to be part of the Solar System, and could not cognize anything beyond that.  Remembering that the channel can only bring through where they are in consciousness at any one time, the symbols that Dr Usui contacted were given out at the vibration of humanity at that time, which was solar consciousness.  Taking into account that all symbols have seven levels through which they can be interpreted, the symbols given out by Dr Usui were thereby given out at the vibration of solar plexus.

Since the 1880s, humanity has expanded in consciousness at an accelerated rate.  After the Second World War, a leap in consciousness caused by the massive clearing of that war, allowed humanity to expand its consciousness to embrace the fact that we are one solar system in a galaxy of many solar systems.  This could be termed galactic consciousness.  This was reflected in the popular rise of science fiction, and the possibility that there were other races in the Galaxy.  All of the Reiki systems which have developed since this time have expanded on the traditional Reiki symbols, and given those symbols out at the new vibration of galactic consciousness, which equates with the heart chakra.

Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, another leap in consciousness ensued which has allowed the Reiki symbols now to be given at higher vibrations than heart chakra.  When Angelic Reiki was first channelled in 2003, we were aware that the attunements to the symbols were taking place at the throat chakra vibration.  The vibration of the attunements has steadily increased since this time.  With the anchoring of the Crystal Grid in November, 2005, we were made aware that for the first time since Atlantean times that the healing symbols of Atlantis have the possibility of being given out at the full 7 levels of form and Divine Form.

In Angelic Reiki all of the symbols given, are given through the full 7 levels of form and Divine form.

However, because of the strict adherence to the vibration given out by Dr Usui through the transmission of lineage, our feeling is that the symbols of the Usui Reiki system are still only being given at the vibration of heart chakra.  This does not detract from the power of Usui Reiki as a healing tool.  It is up to the individual student to feel the vibration of the system to which they are attracted, and make a choice therein.

From time immemorial, through all of the mystery school traditions, activations in consciousness have been given by the Master to the student through initiation.  Before initiations were given the student had to prove, often through physical trial, their worthiness to receive the initiation.  This practice has been somewhat diluted by the New-Age Movement.

An initiation is an energetic attunement of the Master’s consciousness imprinted up on the consciousness of the student.  It is a coming together; an overlighting of one consciousness by another, in order to raise the vibration and awareness of that consciousness into the radiant light of the Master.

Through the general availability of attunements to Usui Reiki, and other forms of Reiki, whereby the teacher has attained master level through physical attendance on the course only, without the physical and mental extended preparation and rigidity of lifestyle practised by initiates of the old mystery schools, some of the attunements given today through the Reiki system are not of the highest.  The student receiving such an initiation can open themselves to be imprinted by a consciousness that is still working through egoic issues, emotional drama and personality attachments.

The Angelic Reiki system has always intended to be a system of healing that, through the use of symbols which channel Divine Archetypal Energies, will attune the seven bodies of man to their original divine vibration.  In order that these symbols are transmitted to students in their purity, they are not given as an initiation by the teacher who is holding the workshop.  That teacher opens up a space, a vortex of energy, whereby the Angelic Kingdom manifests their energy around each student and anchors the symbols into the appropriate chakras.  The symbols are thereby given at Divine Vibration and, as such, affect the consciousness of each student from the moment they are given.

In this system there are the traditional initiations, one through four.  In addition to these, there are two other initiations which are purely Angelic.  The Angelic Kingdom was created as part of an earlier round, an earlier evolution of this universe.  There is, therefore, a vast difference between the vibration of an Angel and the vibration of an incarnated human being.  This being recognised, the Archangel Metatron insisted that an initiation into the Angelic Vibration be an integral part of this system.

It is my experience that these initiations into the angelic vibration are the most profound part of this system.  It is my understanding that through these initiations the atomic spin of every molecule in the human body of the student receiving this attunement is speeded up.  This allows the energy of the student to more perfectly blend with the energy of the angels which are their constant companions after this initiation.