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About Me

Kay Zega Kay Zega Thank you for choosing to find out more about me.

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I have been involved with Healing, Complementary Therapies, Holistic Wellbeing, and promoting therapeutic change to achieve personal empowerment, for very many years.

My interest in holism influenced my roles in the business world as well as my teaching roles in further and higher education.  It also underpins my current teaching/training, accredited & registered counselling and positive life change coaching roles.

My desire to develop personally, professionally and spiritually has led me along many paths to meet countless inspiring people and to learn a wide variety of systems, methods/modalities, all of which help heal and empower.  The majority of my time is spent working as an independent accredited & registered professional counsellor, registered multi-therapist, wellness/positive life change specialist and registered teacher of Angelic Reiki®, other therapies, holistic stress management, anger management, abundance and other life changing workshops.

When I first heard about Angelic Reiki in 2004, I was sceptical, suspecting that it was just another new style of Reiki. I'd already achieved teacher level in Western, Tibetan, Eastern and Egyptian Reiki as well as in a number of holistic therapies, so I wasn’t sure how it could benefit me, especially as I'd been working with angels and angelic energies for years.

A long telephone conversation in November 2004 with Kevin Core - during which he explained that Angelic Reiki is only 20% Reiki (through the symbols which form part of attunements but not part of treatments) and 80% pure angelic energies - was enough to encourage me to book my place on the next course early in 2005 in Yorkshire, many miles from my home in Worcester.

Learning Angelic Reiki with Kevin Core and Christine Deheera in 2005 had profound effects. Angelic Reiki enhanced my development and the benefits have been and continue to be innumerable.  It is an excellent part of my holistic ‘toolkit’ and I instinctively know when to use Angelic Reiki healing, Usui Reiki or a different therapy altogether when treating myself and others.

In addition to health and wellbeing benefits, it is my personal experience that Angelic Reiki helps enable you to master your own destiny by expanding consciousness to the level that’s perfect for you, helping shift stuck emotions, aiding in the healing of trauma and suffering on all levels and assisting in freeing you from limitations.

It is a privilege for me to share the wonderful system of healing and consciousness expansion that Angelic Reiki is with others through in-person and distant treatments. I no longer teach workshops because my commitments as a Counsellor and Positive Life Change Specialist leave me no time to do so.

Treatments (see Treatments Page) 

I offer in-person Angelic Reiki treatments in Worcester. click here 

Alternatively, a remote/distant treatment can be arranged for you wherever you live.  click here



I am a Registered Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Teacher (having signed the International Charter of standards for practising and teaching Angelic Reiki® in October 2009 and being awarded Registered Angelic Reiki Teacher status).  

I teach all levels of the full system of Angelic Reiki in the beautiful, Royal City of Worcester, as well as elsewhere in the UK and other countries by invitation.  This involves:

  • Level 1&2 (mainly for self healing/family/friends) duration 17 to 19 hours;
  • then the personal mastery Level 3&4; duration 17 to 19 hours;
  • then the Professional Practitioner Level (including advanced healing techniques and understanding of disease and of healing as well as the legal, professional and insurance requirements); duration 24 hours;
  • then the Master Teacher Level (teaching the essentials - including responsibilities - of teaching such a profound healing modality) duration 17 to 19 hours
  • Teaching to groups of at least 4 people as per Kevin & Christine Core's standards
  • Issuing students with official Angelic Reiki certificates and manuals signed by Kevin & Christine and supplied via Christine Core. 

For those seeking a faster track approach, I also offer 5 and 6 day Intensives and Retreats.  Though faster track, these Intensives and Retreats embrace the full system of all of the levels with official manuals and certificates signed by Kevin & Christine Core. 

I also provide a range of Refresher workshops  and CPD opportunities.  

Anyone drawn to learn Angelic Reiki (or refresh their skills/knowledge) is welcome on any of my Workshops, Refreshers or Retreats, irrespective of when they learned, with whom they learned and whatever they learned.

I welcome invitations to teach Angelic Reiki® elsewhere in the UK and in other countries.

I also teach a wide range of stress reducing, wellness boosting, personal and professional development workshops as well as offering mentoring and many CPD opportunities.

Photos of Kay Zega with HRH Prince Charles, and with the co-founders of Angelic Reiki.

Kay Zega answering Prince Charles’ questions about Reiki at St James’ Palace May 2003 when she was Chair of the UK Reiki Federation. Kay Zega answering Prince Charles’ questions about Reiki at St James’ Palace May 2003 when she was Chair of the UK Reiki Federation. Photo G Bodnar. Kay Zega with Kevin Core and his wife Christine, founders of Angelic Reiki, at the June 2007 Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Update in Yorkshire Kay Zega with Kevin Core and his wife Christine, founders of Angelic Reiki, at the June 2007 Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Update in Yorkshire


Mike Speak, Christine Core, Kay Zega.  Bristol 2012 Mike Speak, Christine Core, Kay Zega. Bristol 2012

If you'd like to learn Angelic Reiki, or wish to attend any of my other workshops, please see the Workshop Dates and the CPD pages of this website for further details.
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