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with Kay Zega, Registered Master Teacher

Treatments, Training, Mentoring, Counselling: Worcester, England.

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Angelic Reiki with Kay Zega


Angelic Reiki combines the hands on approach of Reiki with the healing powers of the Angelic Kingdom.   This new healing method  was channelled by Kevin Core between October 2002 and February 2003 and has been taught worldwide since. Angelic Reiki shares the characteristics of traditional Reiki, in as much as it is a hands on practice with the option  for self healing and distance healing. Although the attunements use symbols common to other Reiki systems, there is something extra attached to Angelic Reiki that sets it apart. That something is the Angelic vibration, which facilitates the Divine vibration and attunes  healer and client to their Soul energy.

The healer also receives this energy which enables him/her to perceive the causes of disease more clearly and also to become more attuned to working with beings of light in the higher dimensions, whose purpose it is to anchor Divinity on Earth.  The system is therefore transformational for both healer and client.

In Angelic Reiki the Angels themselves do all the attunements which open the healing energy channels within the student. The Reiki Symbols and much more are integrated into the energy body at the time of attunement and it is not a requirement that the student memorises them.

During a healing treatment the practitioner is simply a bridge whereby the energy of the Angelic Kingdom is passed to the client. When a healing is instigated using this system, both the healer and the client receive a downpouring of Soul Energy, thereby raising their consciousness. For the client this causes any old thought forms not in tune with the Divine Vibration to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration, relieving non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions.