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with Kay Zega, Registered Master Teacher

Treatments, Training, Mentoring, Counselling: Worcester, England.
Retreats: Glastonbury, England, Netherlands and Southern France.
Invitations to teach elsewhere in the world welcomed.

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Are You Practising Professionally?

Unsure if your existing level of training to practise as a professional Angelic Reiki healer (or indeed as a therapist offering holistic/complementary therapies  to the public  in a paid or voluntary capacity) upholds legal, ethical and professional requirements?

Things to check:

Has your training covered:

  • Nature of Disease and of Holistic Healing?
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology/Subtle Anatomy/Contra-indications and Areas of Caution?
  • Conduct, Ethics, Confidentiality and Standards of Professional Practice in Holistic Healing?
  • The Healing Environment/Dealing with Healing Crises?
  • Health, Safety & Comfort of and Respect for the Client?
  • Legislative Aspects & Insurance?
  • Client Assessment, Contracting & Record Keeping?
  • Communication Skills & Professional Interpersonal Transactions?
  • Aftercare Advice and Support?
  • Setting Up in Business, Marketing & Managing Your Practice
  • Additional Skills to Enhance Practice?
  • Critical Self Evaluation & Importance of Continuing Professional Development?
  • National Occupational Standards & Regulation of Complementary Therapies?


For those learning Angelic Reiki, many of these aspects are covered in the
Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner Level workshops. 


Those learning Angelic Reiki - as well as those already qualified to Practitioner level in other healing modalities - may be interested in the Association of Natural Medicines’ accredited Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing qualification.


How well do you keep yourself  up to date?

Too few practitioners fully appreciate how essential CPD (Continuing Professional [& Personal] Development)
is to anyone offering complementary/holistic therapies to the public.  more information here  and  here 

Continuously increasing knowledge/understanding regarding their own profession - then applying this appropriately - is what sets successful, respected Practitioners apart from the many amateurs who give the profession a bad name and run the risk of litigation. 

Are you a Professional, or are you an amateur?

Professional Practitioners ensure they keep up to date with changes and challenges in connection with holistic health and wellbeing in order to enhance the extent to which they can operate at the highest professional level, providing maximum benefits to clients. 

However, this is not an easy task. 

As a Professional Multi-therapist with many years experience, Kay Zega is happy to help you achieve excellence.


Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing    Click here 

Accredited by the Association of Natural Medicines, this well-respected, intensive, advanced level training is suitable for anyone already qualified to practitioner level (as well as those close to achieving practitioner status)  in a complementary therapy who wish to supplement their existing training with in depth coverage of the essentials of practising holistic/complementary therapies legally, ethically, practically to a high standard of professionalism, inspiring trust and respect in clients.

This advanced level accredited training is supported by a 100+ page comprehensive manual.

Click here for full details of this thorough Advanced Certificate training.


CPD Workshops 

As mentioned above, few practitioners fully appreciate how essential CPD (Continuing Professional [& Personal] Development) is for any Complementary/Holistic Therapy Practitioner.  Continuously increasing your knowledge/understanding regarding your own profession - then applying this appropriately - is what separates true professionals from amateurs.  Click here for details of the CPD opportunities we offer. 


Angelic Reiki Skills Enhancement Workshops

In April 2010, conscious of progress towards regulation of complementary therapies in the UK and elsewhere, in line with Kevin Core’s wishes Christine Core introduced the Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner Level as well as the Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Level workshops.

If you learned Angelic Reiki prior to introduction of (or have been taught differently to) the current full, official, system for teaching Angelic Reiki and would appreciate an update opportunity, you would be welcome to join us at any of our Angelic Reiki Skills Enhancement workshops. These count as CPD.

Click here for details


The term official is used to denote: certificates/manuals supplied via the founders of Angelic Reiki; and ‘organisations’/websites which promote the full system of 4 levels of training (Level 1&2;
then Level 3&4; then Professional Practitioner Level; then Master Teacher Level).