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Counselling & Self Care

21st century living can be really tough, with heightened levels of worry and anxiety stressing out ever increasing numbers of people from all walks of life. Research continues to provide evidence of the wide ranging detrimental effect of stress overload on peace of mind and wellness, with serious consequences in terms of mental health, relationships, effectiveness at work, etc.


Do you take enough care of yourself?
Or do you always put others and their needs first?

Whatever your role, have you stopped to count the cost of this to 
you, personally?

Probably not sufficiently, because of whatever drives you to 'help' others.
BUT, unless you respect your own needs what good can you really be to others?

Too many of us put everyone else first - judging our worth by what others think of us - and may not recognise in time that we are close to 'burn out'.


Few people would deliberately drive their car way past safe levels of operation, yet many of us push ourselves far beyond sensible limits - 'driving on the fumes' so to speak - neglecting our own needs and jeopardising our physical, mental and emotional health. And then have to live with the long term consequences!


Self care is what is so sadly lacking!

Too frequently, the thought of taking time for ourselves is wrongly regarded as 'selfish', instead of what it really is - essential investment in our own optimum personal wellbeing for the good of ourselves and everyone/everything that is important to us.


Ways to Increase Your Level of Self Care

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Fancy receiving holistic therapy treatments, counselling or one of our stress-reducing,
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Here is a comment from someone who benefited recently from counselling and holistic therapy:

blockquote-in3 Kay's warmth and non-judgement of whatever I said, gave me the opportunity to work through issues that I had previously hidden from myself. This enabled me to improve my relationships and built up my confidence in many ways. My problem solving skills and assertiveness have improved and this has allowed me to like myself more.  I have now realised that I can choose to be stressed or choose not to. This has allowed a calmness that I have never felt before and I won't be going back to my old patterns of behaviour. I also tried Kay's holistic treatments, which helped me to prepare for an operation, from which I recovered quickly and they also had the general effect of helping me to make the life changes that I needed in order to be functioning happily and healthily. I can't express enough gratitude for the improvement in the quality of life that came from our work together.
I mean every word of it!  blockquote-out3 


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