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Hannah, Street
I have just spent a truly magical five days with the lovely Kay Zega in a beautiful sacred setting. I was guided by the angels to do the Level 1 to 4 Angelic Reiki Retreat for personal development. It was perfect timing and Kay is the perfect teacher. I was feeling nervous but Kay's comforting and loving energy made me feel instantly at ease. Each day I was taken on an incredible journey of learning and self discovery which was a life changing experience for me as I learned above and beyond anything that I could have expected. Angelic Reiki has had a profound effect on me and the deep connection with the angelic kingdom is wonderful. I feel that I have found who I am supposed to be and I have made a lasting bond with others in the group.
This isn't just a five day course, this is an investment into the rest of your life.
Drew, Colchester
I was drawn to the Angelic Reiki Level 1 to 4 Retreat to reawaken healing abilities, step into my full power and know the reality of the Angelic Realm. This I achieved. I thank Kay for her very clear/comprehensive teaching and support. She wants us ALL to be who we REALLY are!
The Retreat reignited my desire to serve the planet as a healer and equipped me with new tools and new confidence to work directly with God's Angels to bring forth light into myself and onto the planet. This will evolve in accordance with Divine Will. I feel more open to receiving guidance.
It was valuable during the Retreat to connect with other people (souls) who are on a path of evolving and ascending.
Much has been occurring for me internally since leaving the Retreat. I've had an insight into the fact that during those 5 days we all stepped into a highly charged field of light, energy and information which was set up ahead of time, and we swam and bathed in that light for the duration of the Retreat. We stepped into it at a very deep level. Upon 'returning to the world', I palpably felt an integration happening within me. No longer in the group energy, no longer with you, but on my own - yet not alone.
As I settle into bed at night I place my master crystal on my heart, my hands in self-treatment position on my higher heart and solar plexus and I call on the Angels. After some time I put the crystal under my pillow for the night. My usually quiet/silent dream state is now rather active! My third eye opens often, and the crystal becomes very hot very fast.
Yesterday I gave my first Angelic Reiki session to a close friend. I followed the protocol, placed my master crystal under my friend's chair, we had the chat prior to and after the session, but we both experienced something very surreal and very funny during the session. We both experienced 25 mins as if it was only 5 mins. Now that's stepping out of time and space...! I continue to feel such amazement at that when I think about it.
My mind is now taken up with thoughts/questions about which path of work to follow. Nothing seems to resonate with me, especially not the kind of work I've done in the past. I find my mind reaching out to Spirit in all its forms for guidance and direction. Having now received yet further confirmation that time is meaningless and irrelevant to Spirit, I pray to know as soon as possible which direction to take.
Thank you, Kay, for your passion and desire for all of us to continue stepping up. I can still feel a shifting occur within, and my newly cleaned and constructed altar provides me with a safe and peaceful haven of focus and connection. Much love to you
Dayana, London
The Personal Mastery Level 3&4 part of the Glastonbury Retreat benefited me on many levels and I know it will continue to do so in the future as well. Kay is an amazing teacher. She was very helpful at all times throughout the workshop. I learnt so much and had the opportunity to practise in-depth ways of working with Angelic Reiki.
Linda, Guildford
I came to this Angelic Reiki Level 1 to 4 Retreat with almost no knowledge of Angelic Reiki and learned lots. Kay was very clear in her teaching, inclusive, and created a safe space for us all. The Retreat allowed me learning this healing modality at the same time as working on my own issues of self judgment/unhelpful comparisons & expectations. I felt able to do so safely, enabling me to stay open.
The Retreat has had a calming effect and I appreciated all that I experienced. I would recommend this training to others.
Lisa, Qatar
WOW, this Level 1 to 4 Retreat was an amazing 5 day journey and I feel I have come so far - learnt about Angels, Angelic Reiki and myself. The Retreat was a wonderful mix of teaching and practical experiences including the Self Mastery aspects of looking at self. I would definitely recommend Kay Zega's course to anyone considering Angelic Reiki. It has opened up endless possibilities for me and highlighted my need for self development before moving forward to the Professional Practitioner level. Thank you very much.
Steven, Plymouth
I attended this 5 day Retreat as an introduction to spiritual practice and to open my mind and heart. The teaching and support was genuinely excellent and I learnt a lot! And the biggest thing that I discovered was how much more I have to learn. The Retreat fulfilled my reasons for attending and the feedback to me from friends and family was that I was like a positively different person. I will continue the journey from here.
Janet, Bridgewater
Angelic Reiki expanded my awareness and consciousness and will lead me to continue along further on this pathway to gain more spiritual understanding. Kay is a very kind and lovely lady - very supportive and an excellent teacher. I learned loads.
Mares, Co Cork
Angelic Reiki has many merits and will benefit me from a self-healing point of view and also with family, friends, situations, places etc. Thank you Kay for your excellent teaching and support. I loved the course and learnt lots and lots - my head is bursting. I do hope and mean to go into the healing world as a career in the near future.
Claire Dixon, Worcestershire
After doing the Master Teacher course I now feel empowered and knowledgeable enough to teach Angelic Reiki! The course included thorough exploration of teaching AR with lots of practical and spiritual information and lots of relevant support and guidance. The practice sessions were valuable as they allowed us to get a real feel for what teaching is like. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Maria Jones, Worcester
I did this Master Teacher course as a 'top-up'/refresher and it benefited me in many ways including helping me reconnect with the Angelic Kingdom. I learnt more than I could have imagined. Kay is supportive, compassionate at all times and imparts her wonderful knowledge with wisdom. The most valuable aspect of this Master Teacher course for me was being given the oppertunity to lead meditations/healings under the love and support of Kay and the group.
I highly recommend this course and Kay as a teacher, to anyone called to teach Angelic Reiki.
Rita Davies, Worcester
The Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Level opened my mind and allowed acess to ancient knowledge, deep understanding of ancient wisdom filling me with enthusiasm to continue learning. Kay has immeasurable expertise and shares this willingly. I enjoyed the relaxed safe environment, the 'micro teaching sessions' and was impressed with resources provided, how structured the course was and time boundaries which are essential.
Siobhan, Worcester
A feeling of peace resides in and around me since the Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner course.
There is a distinct feeling of stepping into a new framework of being and existence. In particular spherical healing was a massively beautifully powerful experience, whilst observing my own self and consciousness light explode before my very eyes. It had felt like years of this life and my other past lives containing karmic substance had been lifted and released to the great white light. I have since felt that past vows, contracts that I have made in my soul journey have been brought forward for cleansing.
The energies of my relationships have also changed for the better as my self empowerment has come to the fore and a new perspective of being has announced itself.
This course and all its experience is so rich and full, that what I write barely scratches the surface of this experiential transformation. Observing my fellow students expressing their account through the different Angelic Reiki treatments are also healing developments that need to take place within me. This highlights the divinity and perfection in everything, and how each and everyone of us are connected; there are no lines, there are no borders.
Lastly, I have come to integrate and make peace with the darkness within. It is not separate from me, or even distant. A verse from one of my writing's since the course, I feel exemplifies what I mean:

I am awash with foamy streams and chilled waves, singing the harmonic convergence with all that is; the song of creation, the point of nothing where everything begins. In divinity and pure love, I shine as I truly am. A being of light, who understands her dark. The heroe, and the villain, the abuser, the abused, the egotist, and the charitable saint, the murderer, the nurse, the rich, the poor, .... I Am.

Kay is a truly wonderful teacher, her dedication and passion glow around her, and she models this in a way that I feel I can learn from. Kay puts herself into her teaching by providing extra information, and giving an exercise on death & dying to work through. All I can say is that I am so glad she did. To prepare for your own death, and to oversee any 'unfinished business' is so important. It allowed me to 'look right in the eye' of my own worst fear of dying and leaving my son. Through processing my own [daily] fear, I was able to release, and the cloud dissipated to give peaceful clarity. When I leave this incarnation, it would have been a choice made by me, NOT taken from me! That all is in divine alignment, and there always elements and lessons of your path that you cannot see or understand. Let everything go, and know that everything is just as it should be.
Thank you Kay, you are a model of great love and peace, and I am truly honoured to have been taught by you.
Love, gratitude and blessings. Siobhan xxxxxx
Jitka, Gloucestershire
The Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 was an extremely energetic experience. With Kay's supportive guidance I came into life-changing realizations that opened my long forgotten feelings. Thanks Kay!
Helen, Wiltshire
After completing Angelic Reiki Angelic 1&2, I could not wait to continue onto Angelic Reiki 3&4. The experience was enlightening, challenging at times but truly amazing. When you have to really look within yourself it can be hard to do but this is how the healing process begins. Kay has such a beautiful heart and is an absolutely fabulous teacher with an immense amount of knowledge. I am really looking forward to the Professional Practitioners course.
Rita Davies, Tutor/training facilitator, Holistic practitioner 25yrs, 3CHH Charity Director, Proprietor/Manager Healing Touch Worcester
Angelic Reiki 3-4.
Kay Zega is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor.
The course was well delivered with excellent time management.
Kay kept everyone grounded and focussed with lots of seated hands on and couch healing.
It was informative yet fun with excellent resources and handouts.
Thank you Kay, 'your the best'
love and Angel Blessings
Vivienne, Worcester
I learnt so much in just 2½ days. The Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 Personal Mastery course made me look at situations in different ways and also to view myself differently. This course has benifited me so much including my health and being more active than I was able before – took long walks with my son, did backstroke for the first time, drove a long distance when I have not been able to drive anywhere much for ages. I feel as if my brain has been wiped clean of past trauma, I seem to have forgotten my past traumatic history with partners. It was a privalidge to be able to attend the Level 3&4 Angelic Reiki and it was very special meeting the other lovely people on the course and connecting with my soul group. I felt very humble and emotional during the cleansings and attunements. Kay is a fantastic teacher who makes it easy and fun to learn. I for one recommend this course and will be doing the professional practitioner and teacher level.
Marie, Worcester
I absolutely loved the level 3&4 Angelic reiki course with Kay, it was a wonderful experience & very well taught. Words can't quite describe how special the weekend was. I would certainly recommend Kay to anyone wanting to learn Angelic reiki. xx
Diana, Chichester
Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 was always going to be a magical experience for me, and I was not disappointed. That moment came when I experienced the gentleness of the Devine presence, and I will cherish forever the gift that was given to me. It has since been reflected to me in many ways.
Thank you Kay for a most joyous experience, and the opportunity to work with you.
With Love and many blessings.
Siobhan, Worcester
Here is my testimonial for the amazing Angelic Reiki 3 &4. Bit by it, I have gained a sense of what angelic reiki 3 &4 has taught/is teaching me.

I wanted to complete the Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 for further connection and healing; I am tremendously drawn to Angelic Reiki, and I am beginning to understand and feel the importance of Angelic Reiki. I am beginning to understand is has the answers in divine timing, and the trust of that has become quite important to me. I am starting to see it as a multifaceted tool to heal in all ways, and the most beautiful thing being, that this healing can be accessed by connecting ourselves in the most simplistic way.

Part of the learning, was to connect with our own devic energy; A lithe and effervescent female energy was dancing gently and eloquently in my vision of connecting with one’s deva energy. Not immediately connecting to what this devic had to tell me, my usual stance is to complicate and somewhat intellectualise things. Kay in her humble and subtle way, suggested that maybe I need to dance.

Since the course, 2 weeks ago, that experience has compacted an inner understanding and overriding importance of self love. I do indeed want to dance and be free and create; but how can I do that when my "marvellous" propensity to speed ahead as it were, and/or stay in the past has become my mind set?!

I forget my here and now, and my focus on either the future or the past, is simply halting me to do what my soul has always intended to be, and that is, to be free! I know I am not alone, when I say that I focus on what I ...

"Should do"
"Can do"
"Don't do"
"Could do"

Where is the happiness here? There is none, this just breeds discontentment, pressure, anxiety and unhappiness. I am now focusing on the breath of my 'now' moment, and give myself the credit and love that I deserve, which essentially has to come from me and within. I am a mother to a year old son, and it's not easy with such a beautiful and important responsibility to take the time to praise what you are doing. Somewhere and somehow, self love has generally been intertwined with the ego - if in balance, this is not true at all, and is in fact a crucial lesson

From the words of a famous song, It's hard to dance with the devil on your back!

For me, it has become about choice; to look within and see/feel the beauty and love of the now, and let go of my past. Forgive them, and forgive myself for what they/me ... should have, could have, didn't have, didn't do, could have, could do. The lesson here is, that if I am able to do that for myself, I am relinquishing all of that guilt and negativity, which then cascades to others for true healing and happiness to occur.

I have been angelically guided to write and be open with my gifts, and have since started a blog, and have started processing the children's book I have wanted to write for a long time....

Thank you Kay and Angelic Reiki, I am beginning to dance. Just amazing xx
Katie, Worcs
I felt really safe and comfortable in the environment of the Angelic Reiki level 1&2 course. I did it to cut cords to past emotions/behavioural patterns and to find trust and acceptance. It has given me greater understanding of angels and connecting to the Angelic Realm. Self healing will benefit me by staying centred in my own life and with my spiritual growth. It has built a bridge of connection for me – something I have been searching for. I would recommend this course to anyone who is guided to healing with angels.
Jitka, Glos
The Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 workshop with Kay was such an unique experience. It opened a different world to me and helped me to start understanding myself better. The Level 2 attunement became pretty emotional for me; I feel it gave me exactly what I was looking for - the piece of mind that I am safe. Thanks Kay for sharing your knowledge with us!
Tony, Worcester
I had been feeling the need for some spiritual enhancement and found the Angelic Reiki Update/Spiritual Gathering on 24/25 January most welcome. The group, though smaller than expected due to late cancellations, brought, for me, the right energies. I neither practise nor teach but I benefited greatly, particularly from the attunements which deepened my experience on all levels. Altogether a most informative and enjoyable two days. I got a lot from them. Tony, Worcester
Jayne Brassington, Worcestershire
I just want to thank you again for a fantastic 2 days of training.
The Angelic Reiki Update was much more than I expected. The Angelic attunements and healing treatments were very special. The personal development as well as the Angelic Reiki Healing update information was very empowering and motivating. I feel that this will not only enhance my own development but that of the Angelic Reiki Treatments that are provided.
Many Thanks Love and Light
Jayne xx
Mike S, Worcester.
I am so delighted that I attended Kay Zega’s Angelic Reiki Update/Spiritual Enhancement Gathering on 24 and 25 January 2015.

I have always enjoyed Kay’s teaching as she delivers the material effortlessly and with such joy and enthusiasm.

Her knowledge and retention of information is amazing and she speaks clearly and simply without notes on many relevant associated subjects including for example Quantum Physics.

The Angelic Reiki Update brought me completely up to date with Angelic Reiki generally and allowed me to receive amazing attunements and to practise and experience refined and fresh healing techniques.

I also found the sharing of experiences and questions raised and discussed with like-minded people, during the workshop, to be particularly valuable and rewarding.

Thank you, Kay, for a truly great workshop and weekend. Amazing value for money.

So glad that I attended.
Siobhan, Worcester
I did Angelic Reiki 1&2 for healing and connection. I found the course to be thoroughly informative throughout with the support, both emotional and spiritual to be loving and wholesome. As regards to the learning; there aren't the words in the human language - truly profound and beautiful.

Honestly, one of the best things I've done in my life. A wonderful weekend with beautiful people.

Angelic Reiki has shone a light for me on the issues that need to be brought forward into the light for healing release. It has also formally and informally connected me further to my higher self and the angelic and archangelic kingdom of light. This has instigated a truly bonding relationship to meditation and the guidance of all light beings. Consequently, it has grounded my own responsibility and the power of personal healing and that of others. I have used angelic Reiki on a loved one since the course, and they experienced and commented on the healing being extremely and beautifully powerful.

The course has principally cemented all of my beliefs and 'Knowing' from years of isolation and hiding. Those echoes of "craziness and weirdness" have been greatly diminished and I can take a deep sigh of relief. The multidimensional and past life healing has also very valuable and transformative to my soul. Since the course, I have received further information on my past lives, (being garrotted that I've never heard of until now) which has created an understanding of my here and now, and the difficulties I experience, such as speaking my truth and assertive communication. The aforementioned ties in with chakra healing, which is so important and wonderfully covered.

Words escape me as regards to the attunements, I can only say thank you.

So, if you are concerned, or have been researching and questioning the right tutor for you for angelic Reiki... then please look no further. Kay has great professional credentials as both a teacher and counsellor and she shows this in abundance in a very humble way. Kay has showed me her personal time prior to commencing the course, and I have felt very valuable as a human being from the very first point of contact.

Support was also offered from the beginning, and the course material and its potential emotional sensitivities were handled with great care. Kay houses the incredibly special balance of having her feet firmly on the ground, with head and arms reaching high into the sky. Her approach means her subtle guidance is non-intrusive respecting your autonomy at all times; this has reverberated days since and created "A-ha" moments.

Lovely meeting lovely Mike also, who graciously welcomed me first.

If accepted, I would like to come back in March to commence the levels 3 and 4.

Gratitude and blessings. xx
Diana, Chichester
Angelic Reiki is about being who we really are, and the journey that we have yet to experience along the way.
I much enjoyed attending Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2. It was a special weekend for me with deep knowledge shared. It is not just a course, it is being given the opportunity to discover my own truths, and this will never leave me. I found Kay's teaching so supportive and caring as well as empowering in every way.
The group had a lovely energy and we all felt connected to one another. The presence of the Angels, and Ascended Masters, was a very beautiful and loving experience.
I have a lot of processing to do, never the less I am looking very much forward to Angelic Reiki 3 & 4. Thank you Kay for a truly enriching experience.
With much love xxx
Maria, Worcester
Thank you so much for the wonderful Angelic Reiki course. I will be back for the Level 3&4 and will be spreading the word about Angelic Reiki and about you. Love & light. xxx
Ed, Worcester
Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 was a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an interest in spirituality or an open mind. The process itself is extremely easy and effortless, and the results were profound. For me in particular it gave me greater faith in my own intuition and my ability to facilitate healing for others. I also felt great benefit from the attunements and the healings given by the other students on the course. Kay is a great teacher and creates a very welcoming and peaceful environment and is extremely knowledgeable about this subject.
Helen, Wiltshire
Angelic Reiki has changed the way I see and feel things and changed my outlook on life helping me to find inner peace. I enjoyed the Level 1&2 course very much - learning Angelic Reiki, connecting with angels and making new friends. The course was well organised and presented, interesting and delightful with really good time keeping, prompt starts and finishing times. I would eventually like to continue on to Angelic Reiki Level 3&4.
Vivienne Mason, Worcester
Thank you Kay for a fantastic weekend of Angelic Reiki level 1&2. Wow! what an experiance. one that was full of powerful energies. I am still in shock from the sensation of Djwhal Khul joining us. The course helped with my healing process and my understanding in various areas. We all got on really well and had lots of fun. You made it so easy for us to understand and in a fun way and yet very professional way. Once again a big thank you Kay, you will be seeing me again xx
Stephie, London
This course filled in gaps and explained many questions I'd had in my mind. Angelic Reiki is a clear step on the next level of my spiritual journey. Experiencing the energy of angels and learning various healing techniques was really valuable. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
This was a refresher AR course.
In the past AR has 'improved' my spirituality and I feel that this course has improved it once more.
This course was amazing. I so enjoyed learning new things and having old questions answered. It opened me up to new development. Thank you so much to you and Mike.
I hope there will be some other courses soon.
Otto, Cheltenham
I strongly recommend this Level 1&2 course. It has equipped me with different healing techniques which I can use to help my family and friends. Kay guided us through advanced deep meditations (attunements) which happened to be very therapeutic for me. These are enabling me to make positive changes in my life and successful steps forward in all aspects of my life. I will be back for the Level 3&4.
Deb, Worcester
I researched for Angelic Reiki teachers and attended this Level 1&2 course for spiritual development. Kay was welcoming, highly supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging. I learned a lot but have not taken it all in yet. The attunements, making contact with angels, being a channel for angelic healing, giving and receiving healing and having a connection with likeminded people was particularly beneficial for me. Without doubt I would recommend this course.
Anita, Droitwich
I want to thank you for the fabulous weekend that I spent in the company of yourself and our group of lovely people attending the Level 3 & 4 Angelic Reiki Personal Mastery course.
Prior to the course I felt a little blocked, returning to old thought patterns at times which was unhelpful and frustrating. I feel that since the course something has shifted, I feel i am moving forward again that the blockage has cleared. The relaxation experienced and feelings associated with this throughout the course were also wonderful. Thank You Angels. The whole experience was wonderful. Thank You Kay.
Sarah Robinson, Merseyside
Hi Kay
Just wanted to say a personal thank you for a wonderful weekend it was doing the
Angelic Reiki 3&4 Personal Mastery course. It has been a personal step forward for me in helping me step in to being my own master, determining what I want and standing my own ground. The teaching again was wonderful as it was on the AR level 1&2 being informative and fascinating. The attunements and healings made me so uplifted and blockages of mine that had been so deep rooted have now started to surface.
Thank you kay for yet another magical transformational weekend and helping me in my journey to becoming a practitioner
Sarah xxxxxxx
Jayne E Brassington, Worcestershire, UK
I recently achieved the ANM (Association of Natural medicine) Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing. This course is very comprehensive with excellent guidance and encouragement given by Kay. The course not only gives you the confidence to succeed in the Holistic Healing as a Healer but also the qualities and information needed to succeed as a professional business. The support and encouragement continues even when you have successfully completed the course, including the monthly Healing & Development meetings which I have found extremely enlightening and motivating.
Michelle, Lancashire
Achieving the ANM advanced certificate of professional practice as part of the 4 day Professional Practitioner Retreat has provided me a broad base of knowledge and skills for conducting complementary therapies professionally and the expertise for starting my own complementary therapies business. I am confident that achieving this outstanding qualification has more than provided me with the highest standards of professionalism required within the complementary therapy industry.
Alex, Wales
The holistic therapy profession has undergone many increases in therapies, regulations and legal requirements. The ANM advanced certificate for professional practitioners provides the most upto date and comprehensive qualification for anyone wishing to attain the highest standards in their field. I am proud to have achieved success in this course and feel confident that it has provided a solid and secure foundation for my career going forward.
Richard, Wales
Achieving the ANM Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing as part of Kay Zega's 4 day Professional Practitioner Retreat has been the highlight of a 2 year personal and professional journey into complementary therapy and healing. It is a prestigious qualification and covers a multitude of criteria which has equipped me very well to start my business, interact professionally with clients and meet the needs and highest standards of an ever growing and important industry.
Sarah Robinson, Merseyside
Kay, I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful weekend. I’d been drawn to angels and healing for some time. Angels led me to angelic reiki to expand my spiritual connection and to work with the Divine and to be able to help myself and others.
A whole week has passed and I am still in complete awe of it all!! The whole level 1&2 experience was simply magical and I felt in a bubble of love throughout. It has changed me onto a different level and I found you to be one of the most generous, beautiful and inspirational teachers I have ever met. Your energy and passion for angelic reiki simply pours out of you and I know I have met a very special friend in you. I can’t wait for the next level and the levels after that!!!
Thank you so much Kay. Love, light and many angel blessings to you and Mike. xxxxxxxxxx
Gill, Redditch
I attended the Level 1&2 Angelic Reiki course for my own spiritual growth and to work towards practitioner level. The course gave me a greater understanding of the Angelic Realm and made me realise how much I would like to practise Angelic Reiki. I learned so much and found the whole weekend very supportive and caring. The most valuable part for me was the attunements and healing sessions. I would definitely recommend this training.
Elizabeth, Roquecor, France
I first heard about Angelic Reiki in 2007 when I cut out a magazine article by Kay Zega. I kept the article and waited until the time was right for me to enhance myself on all levels and share healing with others. I would highly recommend the level 1 & 2 angelic reiki course with Kay for its deep content, simplicity of teaching and not forgetting fun along the way! I gained so much knowledge together with exceptional, genuine support throughout and I now know my way forward. It has been wonderful to receive this divine connection.
Michael, Redditch
I did this course to gain more healing awareness. I learned lots about Angelic Reiki and healing. It will help me with the other healing that I do. The meditations and attunements were special for me.
Karen, Worcestershire
I feel most privileged and blessed to have met Kay and received an Angelic Reiki healing treatment. What a truly beautiful experience.
I received so much love, comfort, help and guidance.
Kay made me feel so welcome and comfortable.
I am so pleased I listened to the Angels that kept telling me to see Kay!
I am now hoping to learn Angelic Reiki with Kay, and I am so looking forward to continue my spiritual growth with Kays help.
Thank you so much Kay.
N from Worcester
I feel blessed to have met Kay and even more blessed that she’s practically on my doorstep! She’s helped me more than anyone on my spiritual journey and continues to do so. Whenever I’ve felt like I’ve gone “off path”, she’s helped me gain perspective and get me back “on path”. Kay is a truly inspiring person and teacher.

I recently undertook the Level 3&4 Masters course. It was a very special weekend. The energy in the group was so gentle and peaceful, but so powerful. I loved the attunements, as well as the interesting and enlightening discussions that we had during the weekend, which really helped to expand my own knowledge and spiritual understanding. I’ve realised that my consciousness has expanded so much since I did the Level 1&2 course and I look forward to even further expansion now I’ve done Levels 3&4. I was also pleasantly surprised by how effortless it now is to perform Angelic Reiki treatments. The hardest part is leaving at the end of the course!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yvette, Germany
Thankyou so much Kay for facilitating my angelic reiki distance healing, it was purely a lovely experience. I was worried that I would not be able to relax, but straight away you put me at my ease and I felt so much love from the angels and Mary. I felt a huge relief when you confirmed that the angels and Mary were with me, healing me and guiding me, I know they always are but it was unbelievable that they were all there for me. As I write this I know that the angels are here with me now, as I have tingling all down my legs and I know the healing will continue. I am so glad that I was guided to you to as I was getting to the end of my tether and had prayed for help, you and the angels certainly have given me so much, thankyou, love and light Yvette.
Rae Duncan, Scotland
I have received many distant energy-work sessions before, but none like this. I had a good feeling about Kay from the onset, and the angelic healing session itself was quite remarkable. There was an instant palpable connection, a cocoon of warmth, lights and Angels all over the place... I felt nurtured, loved and held by an angel instantly. 'Wow', I thought to myself, 'this is going to be good', and it was!
There was too much that happened to relay here, but what I will say is this - Kay provided a beautiful space, a space where I connected with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Healers, a space where I was given direction, clarity and guidance, a space where I was empowered in a way that I have never experienced before. Thank you Kay. Love and blessings. Rae
Matt and Janet, Rugby
We are so happy to have taken the opportunity to work with such lovely people. The Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 course has opened our eyes to even greater things to come. Thank you Kay and Mike for a beautiful weekend.
Claire Dixon, Worcestershire
The level 3&4 course took the angelic reiki to a whole new level for me. I received profound insights, had wonderful experiences and met some lovely people. Kay made the whole course interesting, relaxed and fun.
Since the weekend I have felt calmer, and increasingly in control and confident. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take their self development further.
Maaike, Norway
Getting to know the people and feeling/sharing the special energies from the Angelic Reiki Masters course during this powerful week in Holland changed something in me. It`s like my heart opened up more for me to be the person i really am......remembering more fully the light i was born with. I felt surrounded by the warmth of the people and the Angels during this special 5 day course. Kay has a special gift in seeing and respecting everybody in there process of life. With her professionality and experience and the sparkling warm person she is i felt this made it all an unforgettable experience.
Letty, Holland
Kay I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great experience to "work" with the Angels and Reiki in the same time! After 23 years of giving course as a Reiki Master and working as a Medium with the Angels it is just great to work with both energies. On this moment I am waiting for my Etheric Weaver!! It will be here soon. Hopes it is an instrument what will help me to get better again. Hope to see you soon for the last part, the first students are already waiting for Hugo and me! I also thanks the group. I try to close my mouth so many times but it just wants to tell you that you can experience all this beautiful things yourself by opening your heart and have the belief like a child..........You are all in my heart.....
Alex and Richard, Wales.
The advanced certificate for professional practitioners course exceeded our expectations. The depth of preparatory work that Kay Zega had put in place for us will prove to be a lifelong reference tool as we embark upon our new journey's as holistic therapists. Kay's teaching style is gentle and empowering. The tools and information provided not only outline the highest professional standards required to be a practitioner, but also help inspire and give a grounding in the principles of starting a new business. The course is in fact 'holistic' in its approach!
Kay brings energy, angels, laughter and love to the experience and I guarantee that life long bonds are formed with those you share the experience with.
Inge Ramchandani, Netherlands
Angelic Reiki is such a powerful, wonderful and loving Healing method.
I wish everyone, everywhere, the experience and all that it has given me.
After receiving Levels 1 to 4, I was so very eager to learn more and to develop myself further to the level of Professional Practizioner. And, just like the Level 1 to 4 Masters Retreat in Netherlands, this Professional Practizioner 4 day course in the UK has truly exceeded all of my expectations.
A big, big thank you to the founder and co-founder of this system Kevin Core & Christine Core.
And last but certainly not least thanks to my amazingly wonderful and so highly skilled master teacher/tutor Kay Zega!
Alex, Wales
The Angelic Reiki Part 1 Professional Practitioner course exceeded my expectations. The Etheric Body healing technique was quite profound and the attunements were even more amazing! Again, I found myself with new insights into my personal journey! Thank you Kay for your teaching and guidance.
Michelle, Lancashire
I have just spent 2 amazing days in the wonderful, caring and supportive and uplifting energies of Kay Zega, completing Part 1 of the Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner course.
Kay has the most extensive knowledge which she is able to share in a way that facilitates group discussions and stimulates students. All parts of the course fitted together perfectly and for me there were so many ‘lightbulb' moments - info that has fallen into place and now makes sense to me.
During the weekend we were helped to learn and practice two new healing methods, Etheric Body Healing and Spherical Healing. Up until this point I had always struggled to understand the concept of the Etheric Body, however following Kays instructions it suddenly all made sense.
To experience giving both an Etheric Body Healing and a Spherical Healing was an unbelievably profound and emotional experience and I cant wait to practice them further.
And the Attunements - what can I say!!!
The course has provided a springboard for personal processing and further study.
I would definitely recommend this course to others - even if they do not necessarily feel that they want to practise professionally.
Richard, Wales
This Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner Part 1 course provided a huge leap for me - total clarity re the Etheric Body and Spherical Consciousness. My consciousness was already in Kay’s teaching room 2 weeks before the course began! Learning about the Etheric Body, Death and Dying and what service I could offer to those in the process of passing was significant. My peak experience was giving and receiving the Spherical Healing. I would recommend this training to anyone wanting to walk the path of light and be of service, in whatever way, to humanity.
Calliope, Harrow
Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner Part 1
The course was thoroughly enjoyable, both deep and lighthearted in a warm supportive atmosphere. The practical sessions brought the teaching and discussions to life - and for me the Spherical Healing was most significant. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who I think might be interested/ready to discover the joy of working with angels.
Alex and Richard, Wales
Greetings Kay and Mike,
A HUGE thank you for what was yet another life enhancing and empowering weekend learning Angelic Reiki 3 and 4. Both Alex and I were blown away by the energy levels and vibration the Angels brought through.
Kay, your teaching and facilitation brought out the best in the entire group and we all walked away as true Masters! Yet again we made new friends and connections, brought through powerful healings and I can honestly say that everyone felt inspired to allow in the next phase of change in their lives.
Mike, thank you for your kindness and wisdom ... and especially for introducing me to my Galactic healer. What an honour!
Both Alex and I will be contacting you shortly to discuss how we can progress even further to practitioner and master teacher levels, so until then, Many blessings!
Calli, London
I came back home last night after the Angelic Reiki 3&4 level weekend with a precious feeling of peace that I will treasure and nurture every day.
Many, many thanks Kay for the wonderful teaching. It was great to see you again, and Mike, as if it had been just a few days since last time. Thank you for your warm hospitality.
This Angelic Reiki level 3&4 workshop is about shift. I feel I have been given a rare chance and a privilege during this weekend. And at the same time, maybe paradoxically, I do feel as if this contact with the highest and purest energies should be everyone's gift.
Just before the end of the workshop I was wondering how will I be able to keep and hold in my daily consciousness that sense of absolute peace and sweetness? I am delighted to observe that it hasn't left me and the feeling of being surrounded by a holy presence is permanent.
Thank you so much Kay for the warmth of your welcome, your dedication into giving us the richest and most authentic teaching and also your constant support.
Lots of love and blessings.
Jill, Wales
2012 has been an amazing year of awakening for me.
It started with the Angels contacting me in November 2011, and they led me to Kay Zega.
I met my Higher Self at the end of the Golden Merkabah course with Christine Core in October in Glastonbury.
Now I am ready for whatever is to come.
Thank you Kay, you’re an amazing person.
Anouchka, Netherlands
Angelic Reiki Level 1 to 4 in Oegstgeest (Holland)
First many thanks to Kay. In October she came to Holland to teach Angelic Reiki level 1 to 4 in 5 days. It was a wonderful experience. The great experience during the healings, the meditations and attunements was a feeling of deep unconditional love. There was a great connection between everyone of our wonderful group. My life changed a lot after the retreat. I found a way after the retreat to make working/communicating with angels a part of my daily life. I learned so much from Kay in those 5 days about all sort of things, and about life. Also about dealing with hard situations and other people. I experienced during the attunements things that I never experienced before. Like I said before, it is a part of my life now and has changed my way of living.
I also released a lot of old, hard stuff during the healings and attunements. And that feels so good! It is also a beautiful and powerful manner to help you help others with their hard and old stuff, like my family and friends.
Next year I want to continue with Angelic Reiki and will do the Professional Practitioner Levels. I have no intentions yet to set up a practice, but I want to learn and experience more from this beautiful work with Angels. And nobody knows what the future will bring. Thank you very much, Kay, and I hope to meet you again very soon!
Love and hugs.
Terri, Netherlands
I'm still glowing from that wonderful week we had in Oegstgeest and feeling so pleased with all the angels, the ones I got as a gift and the ones who came to help me (that's a gift too). I would like to continue with Angelic Reiki to master-teacher next year, so you can count me in. I cannot say that Angelic-Reiki has changed my life because it already changed very much since I got involved with Usui-Reiki some years ago. But this Angelic-Reiki definitely lifts me up a bit and sort of pushes me onwards. It really adds something essential to my life, I am not able to put the right words to it but it gives me much more joy, light and love!
Karen Wilcox, Worcs
Hello Kay and Mike,
I can hardly believe it is already a week since our wonderful Angelic Reiki Level 1 and 2 course started! This time last week we were just getting started! I look back in amazement at how much I feel I achieved in such a short space of time - time itself seemed to be suspended somehow!
Several people have asked how it went and the words I’ve used to all of them is "beautiful" along with "releasing, rebalancing, revitalising and rejuvenating."
During the course I loved all aspects of learning the techniques of this angelic healing system and experiencing them first hand but I also really loved the ceremony and rituals of the attunements.
Although it was all new to me, in a funny way it felt familiar and comfortable, like it was only natural and why hadn't I done this before?
Apart from the general feelings of love and peace that permeated everything - I came away with a new sense of my own infinite power - something I had not experienced before.
I feel as though i am at the start of a another new beginning and peculiarly, I have been non-stop cleaning this week! Maybe to reflect my inner feeling of being cleansed and in order. I have also been quite tired but understand that after all the "stuff" that got shifted, it was inevitable.
I have also faced a few challenges - as you said I might - and I have been able to recognise, sometimes beforehand and sometimes afterward, how I have responded to the challenge. I think its about 50/50 to date! I want the practices to become part of my daily life which means thinking about how I want my day to be organised - no bad thing for someone who has this year had no sense of time - for the first time ever but it will mean I have to be disciplined which is not easy for me or should I say it used not to be easy, but now I ask my angels for help in organising myself for mine and everyone elses highest good.
I am slowly working through my home cleansing and attuning each room and being aware that I can talk to my angels throughout the day.
I am indebted to you both for your warm acceptance, time, understanding, hospitality and sharing of yourselves.
I hope you have another amazing course next week Kay and I hope I can email you from time to time.
With the greatest love and respect.
Maria, Worcs
Thank you Kay for a wonderful and transformative Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 weekend. I am still tingling from all the energies, especially from absorbing the powerful energies of the attunements . The course will help me develop and grow as a person, in understanding myself and others, and I hope to be able to help others by using this beautiful energy. I would definately recommend Angelic Reiki.
With much love
Tony Reeve, Worcester
Although I have no intention of setting up in practice, I went on part 1 of the Professional Practitioners course to learn of the spiritual causes of diseases and to experience two new methods of healing. I found both areas beneficial but had a new and profound experience in one of the latter which I hope to build on in the future. I would recommend this part of the course even to those not intending to practise.
Roema, Birmingham
Professional Practitioner Part 1
It has been wonderful to be taught by someone with such pure energies who learned with the founders. I learnt a great deal on course, more than I could have expected. Also much more about myself which aided my development. All parts of the whole 2 days were of a very high standard and well structured with the pace just right. The highlights for me was practicing healing techniques and recieving healing. And the death and dying process was a real eye-opener.
Level 3&4
Brilliant. Phenomenal. Exquisite. I have stepped into my own power at last. I learnt a great deal and this master level course supported what I learnt on level 1/2 and has given me a strong foundation to move forward and be a more empowered person. The support offered during the course helped me through a difficult emotional issue which the Angelic Reiki attunements brought to the surface for me.
Level 3/4 has been beneficial in lots of ways including having support from divine beings of light to help/support/guide me in being a channel for the Divine’s love and light. I recommend this course.
Jill Carter, Cwmbran
Professional Practitioner Part 1
All parts of this professional practitioner course were valuable and the mixture of teaching methods was perfect. I learned so so much with much more to go away and follow up. Kay Zega's knowledge is immense and her commitment wonderful, she is there for each individual as well as for the group as a whole. The manual is great, just as good when you get home as when used on the course, and the interaction of the group was amazing. This course will help make me the best most perfect practitioner I can be, faithful to the founders Kevin and Christine Core. The angels knew I wanted the best so they brought me to Kay.
Level 3&4
A brilliant course with wonderful sharing and caring from Kay and Mike. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I benefited from this masters course. Learning in such a non judgmental and safe space with special like minded people with the amazing guidance of Kay and the Angelic Kingdom was truly wonderful. I learnt so much and the mixture of teaching methods led to complete understanding with thorough practice of healing treatments guided by Kay who is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her guidance. I highly recommend this Level 3&4 masters course and I can’t wait to do the Professional Practitioner one and the ANM Advanced Certificate course.
Kim, Tamworth
Kay Zega is a very warm, gentle, loving human being who treats everyone equally iresspective of experience. Everyone who meets her will connect straightaway. Her courses are so valuable, everytime you learn something “awe inspiring”. It is a privilege and honour to be taught by her. She gives 110% commitment and more and teaches in a way that ensures everyone is involved and understands. I learn’t a lot, and the group discussions and Q&As were always interesting but learning goes on, it never stops. The manuals are exceptional. The level 3 and 4 masters has been amazing. I am excited to commence my journey and to see how positively it unfolds. “I can’t wait!”
Jayne E Brassington, Pershore
Having achieved the Certificate in Professional Practice of holistic Healing, I just wanted to say what a comprehensive, well structured and planned format this course has been. The documentation is very comprehensive and a useful tool to refer back to. As an existing practitioner, it has been well worth doing this course for my own development and that of my business practice. As with every course I have attended with you Kay, it has been a very special journey of knowledge and enlightenment. Your support and encouragement has been much appreciated. Thank you.
Kirsti, Wyre Piddle
Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 has had a huge impact on my life. My whole understanding of life, why we are here, etc has changed and I view the world very differently now! Kay is a great teacher - I could listen to her all day! I learn from doing so the practical sessions were great. I learnt so much I need to process it all, practise, and then continue my learning. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Alex, Cowbridge
I would highly recommend this level 1/2 training. A fab weekend learning an awful lot about Angelic Reiki, related topics and about myself! Making new friends too. A beautiful experience. The attunements and practical sessions were invaluable and have given me the confidence to continue at home. I have come away from the course with a beautiful healing skill which I will be able to do at home on myself, family and pets. I have also developed my confidence in my own abilities. Thanks Kay.
Richard, Cowbridge
I would recommend Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 to anyone interested in healing themselves or others. I attended this course because I wanted to feel closer to angels and understand their healing power. I learn’t lots but am hungry for more. Kay’s insight is amazing and she is 100% supportive. The practical healing sessions were very valuable and the experiences felt by all members of the group were amazing. The discussions were particularly effective, more so after practising a new skill. Sharing experiences helps you feel less isolated. This course will help me on my in some ways recent spiritual journey. I have identified with angels, I have confidence in talking and working with them and I know they are always there.
Jill Carter, Cwmbran
Since being contacted recently by angels and not understanding why or what to do about it, I’ve read a lot over a short period of time. However, I learnt so much more from this Level 1&2 Angelic Reiki course.
Connection with angels and beings of light during attunements and healing practices and Kay’s exceptional knowledge played a big part in this. All our questions were answered in an interactive way from an encouraging place of respectful supportiveness. Being attuned to the wonderful energies of Angelic Reiki to help with healing myself and those close to me has really started me on my journey with angels. The whole weekend was great fun and I didn’t want it to end. Kay, you’re wonderful. I’d recommend you to anyone - they’d be lucky to journey with you. Can’t wait for Levels 3&4 in May.
Eileen, Oxfordfordshire
A brilliant Master Level 3&4 weekend with like minded people, a superb teacher and amazing healing.
Tony Reeve, Worcester
All people change over time and those developing spiritually perhaps more so. I would definitely recommend a refresher course after an appropriate period of time. I have changed in the past 2 years and I felt the attunements more deeply. A refresher is rewarding because you have changed and the group and its dynamic is different. If you are wondering whether an Angelic Reiki refresher is for you then don't hesitate because it is.
Sally Green, Hereford
I have recently attended the Angelic Reiki Master Teacher course with Kay Zega, I have done many courses with Kay and always know that any course I do will enrich my life due to her unlimited knowledge, deep spiritual understanding, warmth and peace in the sacred space kay creates for us to learn in. Whilst we do courses, Kay welcomes us with warmth and love and you will feel automatically at peace. I have a busy life and know when I go to any of Kay’s workshops, I can let go and enjoy the beauty of Angelic Reiki.

For me this course has lifted my consciousness to a high level, Teacher level, and I know that from the course that this has been anchored into my consciousness also. I am master of my life and feel prepared by the course to go on and teach this very special system of healing.

Thankyou Kay for sharing this gift with me, it has been a magical time and one I will never forget xxx
Siu Ying, London
Angelic Reiki is a wonderful healing modality, where people who may previously not have had any spiritual training or much direct experience with angels etc, get to meet them! and know that it is appropriate, safe and perfect every time. I therefore highly recommend Angelic Reiki.

Kay Zega is an amazing person who works from the heart. All the Angelic Reiki courses I have attended with Kay have taken place in a warm, safe and incredibly loving environment: in this, Kay has set an amazing example for any courses or spiritual work which I would like to hold soon.

Attending the Master Teacher level with all the clearings, attunements and healings was wonderful; all the energies present gave me such a feeling of home coming. They also helped me to clear and deal with old issues of low self esteem, expectation and fear. This showed me how important it is to be in these energies throughout the entire course for it allows the insight and information from one’s higher self and the higher realms according to one’s highest good, to unfold. It would be great to have more Angelic Reiki courses to attend!!

The Master Teacher level also provided a great forum for a wide range of questions and answers, from the practical running of a healing practice and courses to esoteric knowledge and how Angelic Reiki came to be. The opportunity to conduct clearings and practise teaching parts of the course in a safe and loving environment was great. I also met some amazing people throughout this course and made some wonderful new friends too.
Andrew Eden, Worcester
Kay Zega is such a warm and welcoming person, and she provides the perfect environment to learn in. As Always, i very much enjoyed the Master Teacher workshop, as i have all the others before. The course itself was quite enlightening for me. The cleansings, attunements and healings were especially effective for me this time around as a great amount of fear was cleared from me, which has allowed me to distill within myself a new level of confidence as a practitioner but also as a teacher. The chance to actually teach/conduct sections of Angelic Reiki training during our course were amazing, to try these out in the friendly and safe environment, with friends is truly a great benefit. The whole weekend just flowed so flawlessly, my only regret is that there are no more "levels" or classes after this. I have met some truly wonderfull people during my Angelic reiki journey from start to finish and have made some great new friends along the way.
My love to you all xxx
Mike Speak, Worcester
I first met Kay in 2001 and since that time she has become my best friend, beloved wife, and spiritual teacher.

I have attended many of Kay’s inspirational and life changing courses which are always delivered with so much love, boundless joy and deep humility.

In particular I have found Angelic Reiki, which I learned in 2006, to be the most powerful and transformational of all the healing modalities I have learned. After I did Angelic Reiki level 3&4 in January 2007 I was able to deal with and clear practically all traumas and restrictions that had taken hold of my life previously through the years.

Kay has known Kevin & Christine Core (co-founders of Angelic Reiki) since March 2005 but I didn’t meet them until 2008 in Luxor. It was a delight to sit by the River Nile and chat in everyday terms about ‘spirituality’ among other things, with down to earth fellow ‘Yorkshiremen’. I was deeply moved by the experience and appreciated Kevin’s tips on stepping fully into my own power; since then I have done so in many ways including setting up my own successful structural engineering company. I have also assisted and supported Kay in teaching Angelic Reiki courses.

I have great respect for Christine Core and feel privileged that she has become a close friend of ours.

Kay has taught angelic Reiki to many people over the years and I have witnessed first-hand the massive transformational effect it has had in their lives.

Kay’s knowledge of Angelic Reiki and spiritual matters is incredible. Seemingly effortlessly and with deep humility she shares this knowledge as she delivers the courses without notes leaving her students transfixed and uplifted, hanging on her every word.

Thank you Kay for all you have done to help empower me to change my life through Angelic Reiki.

With love and blessings
Jackie (Ireland Jan 2012)
I have just returned from my Level 1 and 2 Angelic Reiki course with Kay Zega. What a magical experience! I positively floated out of there!! Kay is the most serene and compassionate person I have met. The group was small which meant the whole experience was extremely personable. I fully intend to continue my journey with Kay and will go on and do my level 3 and 4 and Masters with her. She also gave me insights to the other interest I have with working with children and I thank her wholeheartedly for that. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is drawn to Angelic Reiki and also for any other courses that Kay runs. She really is a lovely person.
Jenny Dallow, Bromsgrove
I recently did the angelic Reiki course level 1&2 with Kay Zega in Worcestershire. I knew very little about Angelic Reiki but felt drawn to the course through doing Holistic therapies. I would like to say any one who feels the same should go and do the course with Kay, it is very enlightening, run extremley well and professionally. Both Kay and Mike are wonderful hosts, warm, friendly and intuitive. Kay is a very knowledgeable teacher and made the experience a very special one. Good luck to anyone who finds themselves on the angelic journey i wish you well and would like to say Kay would be the perfect traveler to take the journey with. Thanks so much.
Kind regards
Claire Hargest, Hereford
Kay, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent professional practitioner training. It was so informative. I want you to know how glad I am that I have found you. Your courses are outstanding. Your professionalism, and friendly approachable manner is second to none. Furthermore you are so respectful of other's ideas, opinions and thoughts too. I HIGHLY recommend your courses to others. You are exceptional in your teaching and precise with the delivery. Excellent and outstanding. A Phenomenal Master Teacher and awesome woman. I will definitely be doing the Master Teacher training. Much love and gratitude.
Sue Redfern
Thank you sooooo much Kay for a fantastic Professional Practitioner Course weekend, amazing energies and amazing people.
Lots and lots of love.
Siu Ying, London
Kay Zega made this Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner course a beautiful and unique learning experience and experiential event. I would recommend this course to others because Kay works in love and respect, with humility devoid of ego, which in my opinion is the best and most impeccable way to teach and train others.
Andrew, Worcester
By doing this angelic reiki professional practitioner course I’ve learnt so much about myself, to such a deep level, that I wouldn’t have thought possible. This and previous manuals, leaflets, extra info have been so beneficial. I enjoyed this course so much. It’s been an amazing foundation and steps towards my new career. Thanks Kay.
Jay Sohal, Droitwich
Thank you so much Kay for the wonderful Angelic Reiki healing treatment. I can never relax but I was SO relaxed during and after it. I’ve always believed in angels but have never seen them and didn’t know what to expect. Actually I was skeptical. I would never have believed it could be like that. It was overwhelming. I rang my dad in India and told him what I saw during the treatment. I was totally amazed when he told me that the child I’d seen in the funny pink dress with hood must have been me aged 3 and that that pink dress was my favourite. I will never forget my first angelic healing Kay. I keep telling everyone about it. I definitely want another. I also want to learn Angelic Reiki.
Dipti xx Birmingham
Kay, First of all I want to thank you with deep gratitude for sharing the knowledge and for teaching us Angelic Reiki. It was good experience and I still feel I have a long way to go. I feel very tired and got a cold at the moment... Probably clearing/cleansing. Kay I feel like I just want to dedicate all my time to connecting with angels but unfortunately got work and studying to do.... And it's about trying to find a balance. Many thanks once again. The learning will continue. Love and best wishes
Jayne Brassington, Worcestershire
Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 August 2011 - Just to say “Thank You Kay” for a very enlightening weekend and for the completion of my next stage in learning and experiencing Angelic Reiki. A fantastic experience and, as always, lots to absorb. The small group was a real bonus, we were able to get to know each other well, relax, feel comfortable sharing and asking questions, which I feel helps to create a great atmosphere and energy. Thanks again and I look forward to the next stage.
Chris Carless, Worcester
I chose to ‘refresh’ the Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 in August 2011 with Kay Zega because of her extensive experience lecturing and training on a professional level which is illustrated through her workshops. Even though I had already done level 3&4, I gained benefit in many ways. The healing I received through the eye contact session had rapid life changing effects. Kay has a direct lineage to Kevin & Christine Core so anyone who wishes to further their understanding of Angelic Reiki, involvement with angels, and personal/spiritual development should look no further than Kay Zega to teach them.
Mandi in Worcestershire
After my father died in 2000, I gradually became a carer for my Mum over the years, and with trying to hold down a full-time job and take care of my family as well, I found it all quite draining. I have always been a natural worrier and didn't realise until after my Mum died nearly 2 years ago, just how much emotional energy caring for her had taken from me. She was a huge part of my everyday life and when she was taken very ill towards the end of 2009, I struggled to cope. She suffered a lot and I shared that suffering and it led to me having a mini breakdown, at which point a lot of problems I had been holding inside, surfaced. Since her death, I have been unhappy and felt like I had a dark cloud that followed me everywhere. Sleeping was hard and everyday was a struggle. I have had one session with Kay Zega so far and straight away, I can feel the benefit……I feel lighter, the cloud is starting to move away and I am more positive…..I am looking forward to have another session with her and my Angels as I just know, they are going to make my life so much better.
Jacqueline Day, Christchurch
Working with the angels, galactic healers and ascended masters along with the amazing attunements has been a very powerful, touching and special experience. Kay Zega is a very warm, welcoming and supportive lady. Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is evident throughout.
M Deacon-Viney, Northampton
When the time was right for me to do Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 and Level 3&4, I found Kay Zega. I had spoken to other providers/teachers but her style, warmth, knowledge and passion was the perfect link to learning Angelic Reiki for me. It was a truly wonderful experience that keeps on building. Thank you Kay for such a professional, well run and thorough course – but also thank you for your warmth and connection. Two magical, spiritual and wonderful courses.
Micky, Hereford
I thank Kay for her wonderful knowledge and skills she has taught me over the Masters weekend, for the understanding and wisdom of connection and powerful and enlightening moments. A Big Thank You! To Kay Zega and The Angelic Realms. Xxoxx

Louise, Blackburn
WOW – what a fabulous workshop. From the moment I entered I felt so welcome and safe. There was so much ground covered, but it never felt rushed and the energy was amazing. I know that I am forever changed and feel much more in alignment with my soul/life purpose. Very powerful and yet very nurturing. My connection to Angels and energy is now more ‘instant’. Amazing. Highly recommended! Looking forward to the Level 3&4 Masters. Thank you Kay for everything. Much love, light and blessings. XXX
Pauline Rogers, Rugby
Kay, I would like to thank you for taking me on a journey of learning not just about Angelic Reiki Healing but also about myself. Sending you love and peace.
Andrew, Worcester
This Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 Masters is the second course I have taken with Kay Zega, and once again it was lovely and enjoyable – the house, the fellow students, the whole weekend – and of course our lovely teacher, Kay Zega. I love the monthly development evenings and email contact. It was good to meet new people and learn so much. I can’t wait to do the next level.
Lots of love and appreciation.
Sally Mayes, Worcester
The Angelic Reiki Masters with Kay Zega was a wonderfully relaxing weekend – the learning was a bonus. It taught me a lot about myself at the same time as learning practical healing for others. This course will be very useful for now and the future. I feel so different. I loved the practical part of the course because that’s how I learn best. The information stays in. This Masters course reminded me of who I want to be and why. I would recommend the Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 Masters workshop and have been doing so.
Kath Ryall, Hereford
I can’t thank you enough Kay for the wonderful Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 course! It truly was out of this world. Right from the start, being made so welcome and then gelling so well with everyone was wonderful. I was surprised how much I learned. It was excellent on all levels and practising on other people was totally amazing. It was a brilliant weekend. I’ll be back to do the Masters and I’ve already recommended your Angelic Reiki training to a number of other people.
Thanks so much Kay. It was fantastic! I can’t praise it enough.
Laura Brant, Worcester
This Angelic Reiki Level 3&4 Masters course with Kay Zega has changed and will continue to change my life for the better – and my family and friends. I feel I can take what I’ve learned and do anything I put my mind to. There are no limitations to what I can do. It’s been that amazing! If anyone has done the Level 1&2, do this Masters course. It is totally wonderful! I just want to tell everyone. It was light hearted but I learned so much more than I ever imagined. And I enjoyed myself so much I would love to do it again , and again. The whole 2 ½ days were so light hearted funny with excellent support. And you get to meet some amazing people. Thank you so much.
Lynn, Worcs
It has been 4 years and a number of oceans between me doing my Angelic Reiki level 1&2 and level 3&4. My Master Teacher course with Kay Zega was so amazing. I felt on top of the world and as if I could conquer anything. I felt a real sense of clarity and purpose. I am truly privileged to have been part of this course taught by Kay. I gained a massive amount of knowledge for which I am very grateful.

Kay has great knowledge and helped me to understand on a much deeper level. I am still integrating what I learnt. Kay’s gentle nature shone through for me and I felt so at ease I could discuss anything with her which was a great help to me.

The attunements were so amazing and I felt a real shift in consciousness after each one. The experiences with galactic beings, angels and ascended masters were so beautiful they touched my soul deeply. I am so grateful.

The whole journey has been magical for me. I gained knowledge, friends, love and peace.

Thank you Kay from the bottom of my heart. You are a special lady and I feel so blessed to be in your presence. Thank you. God bless.
Jayne Brassington, Worcestershire
Kay Zega had been recommended to me and from the start of the course enquiry Kay was very friendly and gave me all of the information I needed very quickly.

I met Kay and Mike at their home for the first time at the start of the course and they made me feel so welcome and at ease straight away.

The course was fantastic if a little mind blowing. Great tutor, great group, great environment in which to learn. I felt protected and nurtured throughout which made me grow and develop further. I feel that I achieved a personal breakthrough. I learned much about myself and Angelic Reiki and want to learn more.

The course exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience. The contents including crystals was great and the excellent booklet is very comprehensive, informative and well presented. I am very keen to continue my journey and am considering level 3-4 in May 2011

Thank you once again and sent with Love.
Andrew, Worcester
Kay is such a lovely lady with such an amazingly relaxing and comforting energy. The course was really enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it. If you are reading this then it is definitely the right time for you to be doing Angelic Reiki also. You won’t regret it. The workshop was held in a very supportive atmosphere with everyone included. It was different to what I was expecting and I learnt a great amount. I loved the house, the atmosphere, the people and of course Kay and her friendly teaching style.
Yvonne, Lancashire
Thank you so much Kay for all your help and kindness. Since doing the Masters course my life has become very busy. I have more energy and I am a different person these days. I have found myself! I am now starting to love my life and all of my blocks and fears instead of hiding from them. I have started to face them and I can see blessings now in everything. I thank all the being of light and Kevin for guiding me to you every day Kay. You truly are HEAVEN SENT. I love you.
Gail Purvis, Northumberland
Thank you so very much Kay. I am making time everyday to meditate and enjoy AR - usually on myself but also on my family. It is quite amazing and has certainly moved me into a much more spiritual direction. I very much enjoyed meeting you and Mike, as well as the most amazing group of people. Your Masters course was not only warm and well organised but has had a permanent effect on my life for which I am truly thankful. It was very special.
Yvonne, Stoulton
The Angelic Reiki level 1&2 was a wonderful weekend. Kay’s knowledge is immense. The course was run in a professional but gentle, loving and supportive way. It was great to share the experience with like-minded people. Thank you Kay for your loving support.
Cathelijne, The Netherlands
For me, Angelic Reiki felt like a soul calling. I used to let health problems (as well as the travelling) hold me back. I am so glad the call got stronger.

Kay is truly knowledgeable about Angelic Reiki and other spiritual/healing topics. She is flexible and makes room for exploration of other subjects in a natural way. Kay generates a very safe and homely feel during the course and I am very pleased I was able to follow the entire weekend. I loved the energies, the teachings and sharing with the group. It has been a great experience for me.
Linda, Worcester
The most valuable part of the course for me was affirmation that angels are there ready to guide and give loving help where needed. Thank you Kay for looking after me. I would definitely recommend Angelic Reiki training with Kay - she is a gift from above.
Sally, Worcester
I can’t praise the course enough. Kay is a wonderful teacher and I will be returning to do level 3&4 in the near future. Working with someone with so much knowledge and passion for the subject was great and it fed my passion for learning Angelic Reiki and possibly other subjects. It’s also so good to know that Kay is on hand for support.
Anita B, Surrey
I have recently completed my teacher training courses for Angelic Reiki Healing and want to share with anyone thinking of teaching AR how immensely useful sitting in on all of Kay Zega’s courses has been. Kay’s wealth of knowledge and teaching style is tremendous. I only wish I could have written faster!!
Pauline, Rugby
I wish to thank Kay for an amazing, life changing level 1&2 Angelic Reiki weekend. She was very supportive which made me more confident and happier in myself. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in Angels and healing. I look forward to the level 3&4 course. Thank you again Kay.
Dee, Worcs
I attended the Masters Level for personal development and found Kay Zega to be an excellent tutor who uses various styles of teaching which enhances the whole learning experience. I gained a lot and would highly recommend this course.
Mandeep, Coventry
Having an experienced Angelic Reiki master teacher like Kay Zega teach me helped me to understand angelic healing and the way of leading a better life. I learnt so much and intend practising what I’ve learnt. The whole course was brilliant and it was a very positive experience for me. Thank you Kay.
Yvonne, Lancashire
I gained so much from the Angelic Reiki 1&2 course - knowledge, about myself as well as about angels, archangels, ascended masters and different energies. The practical healing sessions were amazing and I got so much helpful insight from these. I recommend this training, it is not only life changing it is life giving.
Sue Leonard, Stratford upon Avon
Kay Zega taught a brilliant Angelic Reiki workshop, a massive amount of information is given in such a way that you don't realise you're getting so much, in a very relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed the Angelic Reiki 1&2 workshop so much, a weekend which had us all raring to go each day, eager to learn what the day had in store and we all left happy and looking forward to using the treatments on others. It's such a simple skill to learn but a massive skill to have. I can thoroughly recommend this course, a great workshop, run by a special lady. I will be back for more. Thank You.
Michelle Baillon, Ross on Wye
This weekend has been truly the best weekend of my life.To be amongst like minded people was awesome. Such a life-changing experience for me. And although I know that life is full of challenges, I now have the sense that, somehow through whatever life throws at me, I am not alone and that all will be well. Kay, I am truly grateful for having had you as my teacher and am grateful to Sally Green too for recommending the Angelic Reiki course to me. And never at a better moment ............. I so needed it. Thank you for empowering me to grow as an individual. Now I can say "I am worthy" and I used to feel I wasn't. THANK YOU!
Helen Pryor, Malvern
For a very long time, I have felt that I had an innate ability to heal. Have desperately wanted to, but didn't know how. This Angelic Reiki course has provided me with the tools for doing so. Thank you!
Sandy,Cape Town, South Africa
Kay Zega is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend Angelic Reiki training with her. I was drawn to learn Angelic Reiki with Kay more than a year ago but it took time to raise the funds to travel to the UK. The whole course was a phenomenal experience and I can't wait to set up my healing practice in Cape Town.
Christopher, Worcester
I retook my level 1 and 2 attunement recently after doing the level 3 and 4 masters course a few months ago. The second time around was certainly a more power experience and I would recommend anyone to sit in and be re-attuned to both levels if you have the time and money. Having more time to take in Kay’s words, as it wasn’t such a new experience, it struck me how good Kay’s teaching, support and advice is. She is very knowledgeable on many spiritual subjects and is a great source of information to both the newly awoken and spiritual thinkers who are well on their development path. Her teaching methods are very structured and organised, I understand she has previously been a professional lecturer. All questions asked concerning angelic reiki, many other healing modalities and spirituality are very well answered. I couldn’t recommend Kay’s teaching abilities to anyone any more than I already do. Another moving experience… Love and blessings.
Tony Reeve, Worcester
It seems to me that the Angelic Reiki masters course has less to do with healing others and more to do with empowering oneself. It is ideal for this. The attunements and treatments provided me with insights and the Q&A sessions clarified many issues for me. The whole experience was 'magical'.
Tony Reeve, Worcester
To anyone drawn to work with angels and the divine, I cannot reommend Kay Zega's Angelic Reiki level 1 and 2 course too highly. It gives you the tools to be who you were meant to be.
Laura Brant, Worcester
I’d been wanting to learn Angelic Reiki for years. I found the course totally amazing, a life changing experience. I was so relaxed learnt so much and I made some great friendships. I will be telling my friends and family all about it and all about how much I’ve learnt and what a great time I had. Thank you Kay and Mike, very much.
Sallyanne Burns, Worcester
A Testimony to The Ever Eager, Kay Zega, I started to write a testimonial and it turned into a poem:

Divine hints of Angelic Reiki were calling to my soul
Repetitious in its pattern “This has to be your goal”
You have to embrace this mission
If you want to discover a love that makes you feel whole.

Listen to your intuition is what I was told
And take note, as your life begins to unfold
For we will lead you directly to a pot of liquid gold
And when you finally reach it, there will be a story to be told.

Accepting of this mission, my life’s path in sight
I tried to find a teacher, one who would delight.
Weeks turned into months as I turned away a few
Because they simply did not resonate, those teachers wouldn’t do.

So I asked for Angelic assistance because I simply couldn’t wait
And I sent out the intention and waited for the bait
Suddenly from nowhere a recommendation was made
Try Kay Zega was the suggestion, you’ll love her said a mate
And the angels began to sing out in chorus “She’s your heaven on a plate”.

I was delighted and joyous and singing out with glee
As I waited for this teacher to present herself to me.

I woke up one Saturday morning to a monsoon of battering rain
But I saw this as a positive and headed off to the city for an adventure unbeknown.

I stumbled upon The Guildhall with all its glistening gold
And entered through a door into “Mind Body and Soul”
An MBS Fayre, right there, with vast stalls of wares and services being sold
And many a wise old story was waiting to be told.

I met a gentle woman, a beautiful old soul, and just as the angels had predicted
She was pure and precious to me like a pot of liquid gold.
Moments later I was to discover that I had been the bait
And this tender, loving woman was the Kay Zega, as recommended by a mate.

I booked a place on her Angelic Reiki healing course without delay
And waited with excited anticipation ahead of the big day.

The morning has arrived, as I knock on Kay’s door
Another world opened up to me, one I’d never seen before
It was a crystal kingdom, a light-filled space
Full of angelic intention and tender loving grace.

For me life will never be the same
I faced a lot of demons and even changed my name
Painful memories and emotions were shown to me and I shed a few tears
I released them all in forgiveness and the angels set me free.
Free to be a healed healer so I can facilitate setting others free

And as you little Earthlings awaken to your call
Search no further for your teacher than Kay Zega’s stall.

Her teaching method was perfect and the high standards that she set
I can vouch for her and say without a doubt they were definitely met.

The journey was amazing and I took away great gifts
And now I will speak my truth and say
That although I’m not attaching, I will never let Kay go
For she’s my ‘Eager Zega’ who shows me what I know

We will be friends forever and together we will grow
To enlighten many others on a path we’re meant to sow.
Love and light
J T, Worcester
Having had a little time to reflect, I felt I had to email you to send my deep, heart felt thanks for the Angelic Reiki training weekend. I feel I came away with the connection I was seeking and so much else besides. Your professionalism, your knowledge, your thoughtful awareness and your generosity were evident, and because of these things I felt safe, supported and cared for. I can only extend my gratitude to your soul for its willingness to heed its call to do this work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Roksana, Birmingham
Many thanks for the Angelic Reiki weekend. It was an amazing experience and I have learnt alot from it all. Love and Angel Light
Mrs Saunders, Warwickshire
I'm so grateful to be guided to find Kay Zega as my Angelic Reiki teacher. I feel much happier and lighter with myself The masters course was a truly invaluable experience! Thank you Kay once again for such an unforgettable weekend. It is hard to put in words how much I gained from the course, there were so many experiences I will never forget. I would highly recommend Angelic Reiki with Kay to anyone. Kind Regards.
Roksana, Birmingham
I would recommend Kay Zega as a Angelic Reiki Teacher as she makes your whole experience with God and Angels absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed the 3 days training and the experiences during those days were very unique and tangible indeed to each of us. I would recommend Angelic Reiki to all who really want to progress along their purpose/life path and to use it as a foundation stone to really give you a amazing kick start. The changes and experiences are still going on in my personal life weeks after I have done the course, so it is not just during the 3 days but is ongoing. Always with love and light.
Sue, Worcester
I have done all 4 levels of Angelic Reiki with Kay Zega and think she is a very friendly hostess/trainer. The way the workshops are run are very good and you leave feeling at peace and having learned a lot. At both courses the groups had valuable lessons to pass on which made the courses even better. If everybody just did level 1&2 Angelic Reiki for personal growth the world would be a better place as the love felt and radiated was beyond belief. Thank you very much Kay for opening my eyes to the angelic world.
Kate Bartram
I had the pleasure of being taught one of the most wonderful gifts by a simply wonderful lady. The course was well structured, well thought out, tailored to each of our individual needs and taught by a very professional experienced Angelic Reiki master.Kay took great care to allow us to make our own minds up on what felt ‘right’ or ‘not right for us’ for ourselves. I see things so much clearer and I am more confident, as the course Kay provided gave me the confidence to make decisions, gave me the confidence to find my path and gave me the confidence to make my own mistakes with the knowledge that ‘it is all perfect just the way it is.’ Thank you Kay and I look forward to my next learning experience with you in the New year.
AB, Enfield
Kay Zega is a fab trainer and I would fully recommend the Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 course.I especially loved the attunements.
VC, Oxford
Thank you Kay, very much for the wonderful, gentle, fun, practical and spiritual Angelic Reiki training. It has furthered my knowledge and developed me both personally and as a therapist.
DP, Peterborough
Kay Zega is so passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Angelic Reiki and having felt the power and depth of the healing energies and attunements, I now know why. My vibrational levels have been raised as a result of doing the level 1 & 2 course and I feel in a totally different space. I would definitely recommend the course.
IS, Alcester
Thank you Kay for an unforgettable weekend and for your loving support. I would strongly recommend the Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 course to anyone.
AB, Enfield
Kay Zega is a fab trainer and I would fully recommend the Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 course.I especially loved the attunements.
Sue, Worcester
I highly recommend the Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 training with Kay Zega. I found Kay to be a very good teacher and very supportive. I enjoyed the stillness and ease I felt throughout the course - which is a great benefit when learning something entirely new. I came away a different person - happier, grounded and with answers to many questions. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
Hannah, Worcester
As always Kay Zega’s knowledge is outstanding and her ability to teach at the right level is fantastic. Learning in such a supportive, non-threatening environment was a delight and I was very impressed with the excellent training manual. I learned Usui Reiki with Kay some years ago and was amazed at how different Angelic Reiki attunements and treatments feel. A wonderful experience! I would definitely recommend this course.
Steve, Cheshire
On the last day of the Angelic Reiki Masters course with Kay Zega, I experienced two of the most powerful spiritual moments of my life to date. During a channelled message from Hathor, my heart chakra opened and during the final attunement I made powerful contact with my Galactic Healing Group. Two very emotional and joyous experiences which were indescribable. If anyone has any doubt about the power of Angelic Reiki, then they are in for a transformational experience. Kay’s interpersonal skills and high level of knowledge are noteworthy. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking spiritual empowerment.
Maria Jones, Worcester
Kay Zega’s Angelic Reiki Masters course was inspiring, uplifting and consciousness expanding. I believe Kay’s wealth of knowledge and compassion were as valuable to my learning as the amazing and powerful attunements. I felt relaxed and comfortable and felt I could ask her anything. I have learnt more from this course than any other course I have attended. It has all contributed considerably to my growth in many ways. I would recommend Kay Zega and Angelic Reiki without hesitation.
P, London
The Angelic Reiki Masters course with Kay Zega is very well structured, so it is effective from all points. The way Kay leads the guided meditations and her ability to answer questions thoroughly are really valuable. I would highly recommend Angelic Reiki courses with Kay Zega.
Alison, Worcester
I found the whole of the Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 course amazing, enlightening and immensely enjoyable. The course was well varied and the whole weekend very interesting. Kay Zega and Mike made us all feel very welcome and were very supportive with our learning process. Kay’s knowledge is unbelievable - I hope to understand as much one day. A fantastic course! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in healing.
Steve, Cheshire
I attended the Angelic Reiki Healing course with Kay Zega because of a desire to raise my level of consciousness/vibration to enable me to receive the power and the wisdom to heal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for a wonderful 3 days! I am delighted with how much we achieved in such a short space of time. I achieved more in 3 days with you than in 15 years of spiritual reading! Although the reading probably gave me a running start! And I can now 'see'! It was a very emotional final healing for me, seeing Atlantis sinking into the depths. So, so sad. It resonated with me so strongly. I feel calm, peaceful and happy today. I am looking forward to practising angelic healing and can't wait to get started. I have a feeling our paths will cross again!
Sally, Hereford
The 3 day Angelic Reiki Master level course with Kay Zega was a truly wonderful experience. Such warmth, love and compassion and such an incredible sacred space filled with beautiful angelic energies! It was so good to meet like-minded people and I felt ‘at home’ straight away. I re-did my Angelic Reiki Masters with Kay because I had an unhappy experience with the teacher who originally taught me. Kay is a wonderful teacher - far and beyond the best Angelic Reiki teacher I have had contact with. There wasn’t any question she didn’t know the answer to. Her attention to detail and quality of training materials is like no other. I learnt so much during the course and I will certainly not go to any other teacher again. I look forward to the Master Teacher Update in October. Thank you so much Kay.
Andy, Birmingham
I attended the Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Update course with Kay Zega. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone interested in improving their mastery of Angelic Reiki.
Sarah Martin, Worcester
Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Update - I definitely recommend this and other Angelic Reiki courses run by Kay and Mike. They are excellent hosts and teachers and they make you feel extremely welcome. Their knowledge is fantastic and they work in cohesion with each other - it truly is an enlightening experience when taking part in their courses. And you are left wanting to experience more and more!!! What invaluable teachers of the masterful modality that Angelic Reiki is. Thank you both so much!!
Louise, Leamington Spa
I have always felt drawn to angels and when I saw the article on Angelic Reiki by Kay Zega in Positive Health Magazine I just knew it was for me. The course - and especially the attunements - were amazing. I have already recommended this course to 3 people. Thank you.
Eric Doyle, Alcester
I cannot say enough nice things about Kay Zega, having completed Angelic Reiki 3&4 in September and 1&2 in February 2007. My life has changed so much. Kay has given me so much encouragement and such great spiritual knowledge and support that I really do have faith in myself and my spiritual future. My understanding of spirit and angels and the Angelic Kingdom has come at a time when I needed it most. Why didn’t I know about Kay 20 or 30 years ago?
Myra Doyle, Alcester
When I found Kay Zega’s leaflet my life changed. She is so inspiring and you feel that you have come a long way with each course. I felt stuck and frustrated beforehand but was soaring after I finished Angelic Reiki level 1&2. Since doing level 3&4 my confidence and knowledge has just grown and grown. Kay is such a fabulous teacher and a joy to be with. I am sure she is an ‘Earth Angel’.
Chris J, North Yorks
You don’t have to attend this course with the single aim of becoming a healer – it’s so much more than that! The benefits are manifold and apply to everyone from all walks of life – so beautifully illustrated by those who attended: it was wonderful to see everyone de-stressing and detoxing from busy, overworked lives and then releasing old hurts that had no place or relevance to their future. Angelic Reiki is like a hug on all levels of existence, of love, hope, understanding and greater spiritual awareness. Kay and Mike give you more than just angelic attunements – they give you life guidance via the angelic kingdom. Absolutely wonderful! You can’t put a price on this kind of deliverance.
Mollie, West Sussex
I am finding the Angelic Reiki very powerful with some beautiful experiences, both for me and those receiving. Life continues to be amazing and wonderful - l continue to be gobsmacked by it all! Many blessings to you and Mike and thank you for your loving support.
Penny, Oxford
I love your style of teaching and am moved by your humility.
Aline, Lincolnshire
Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful, fantastic Master Teacher weekend and your beautiful delivery of the teachings. You are an inspiration. I can feel the subtle changes strongly.
Linda, Worcester
The most wonderful experience of my life apart from having my children. I will recommend Angelic Reiki to everyone I meet.
Anita, Worcestershire
Your integrity shines through and I have gained so much from you and from everyone on the course. Thank you so much.
Mary, Worcester
The training was stimulating and has opened many doors for me. I feel honoured and humbled connecting to my healing angel. I think I’ve just woken up and I’m very grateful!
E, Worcester
It was a very personal and spiritual journey which validated some of the ‘new’ work I have been doing.
Jacqui, Pershore
What a wonderful experience the whole course was! I can’t praise it highly enough. I’ve gained so much confidence from the bonds of love and healing within the group and from Kay’s invaluable support and gentle guidance. I would definitely recommend Angelic Reiki training with Kay.
E, Turkey
Going into the unknown – out of one’s comfort zone – is not easy but I have gained very strong confidence in myself from the self discovery. Thank you.
E, Alcester
The most beautiful way to advance one’s knowledge of the Angelic Kingdom and to meet like-minded people. The best course I’ve ever been on: very professional while lovingly supportive. My only regret is that I didn’t come to Kay for my Usui Reiki 1, 2, 3 and 4.
L, Stourbridge
Just wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful weekend. I am so grateful for all your encouragement and support. I feel that I have turned a corner and am now ready to progress fully on my journey with the definite knowing this time that I have immense love and support along the way. On top of all of this I met some wonderful people and will treasure the memories of learning, fun and laughter dearly. Love and angel blessings.
M, Alcester
>Kay is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and understanding. I loved the gentle way Angelic Reiki was taught and enjoyed the course enormously. The feeling afterwards is profound; I felt uplifted and did not want it to end. I would recommend Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 both for healing the self and for treating others.
P, Reiki Master, Kidderminster
The attunements are far more powerful than I’d imagined possible.
M, Worcester
I feel that I’m literally flying and my perception has been heightened to levels I never knew I could achieve: I’m communicating with other dimensions! And the deep personal healing I’m experiencing is massive. It’s like having a really stubborn stain that nothing has ever shifted. Then you find a miracle product that completely removes it! It truly is wonderful.
Mr D, Halesowen
Experiencing other dimensions during the very powerful attunements was profound. I would heartily recommend Angelic Reiki to anyone.
D, London
The Angelic Reiki Masters weekend was very beautiful. The energies held by Kay Zega were truly of the Angelic Vibration. I have never experienced a workshop venue that had such a clear/clean energetic space and that was honoured in such a beautiful way. Kay’s teaching style was a joy: a perfect mix of instruction and facilitation coupled with the space to allow our questions to be voiced and for wonderfully open and honest answers to be given. Thank you. I hope with all my heart that we have the opportunity to work together/meet up again soon. With heartfelt thanks, love and Angels' BlessingsD, London
L, Sussex
The very deep healing and consciousness expansion I achieved through Angelic Reiki has taken my healing practice to a much higher level. My clients are accessing ancient healing modalities through me which is awe inspiring.
S, West Sussex
A very special and memorable weekend and I very much enjoyed and appreciated your style of teaching. The Angelic Reiki definitely motivated me and put me fast track back onto my spiritual path which is just what I needed. Thank you so much.
M, Hull
I now have the courage of my convictions and at last believe in myself. Angelic Reiki and you Kay have helped me to trust my intuition and believe in my own truth. I no longer feel it necessary to justify or defend these to anyone. Bless you.
K, Evesham
I have learned Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki with Kay Zega. This was a magical and emotional course. Kay is extremely knowledgeable and gives wonderful support. The training was to the highest standard throughout and I would recommend this course to anyone.
P, Hull
Kay is amazing – a veritable font of knowledge and humility. I have learned so much personally and professionally and would definitely recommend the Angelic Reiki level 1&2 course to others.
K, Birmingham
Each time I use Angelic Reiki something different and inspirational occurs. It just gets stronger and stronger. It has really empowered my other therapies too. WOW! What more can I say?
J, Hereford
Thank you so much for the wonderful Angelic Reiki Advanced/Masters course. I soaked up EVERY minute and have continued to do so ever since - along with the band of Angels, Guardians and Guides. I have just conducted a magical healing session with a friend of mine who is a 44, master number; So SO intellectual and spiritual ....... a combination that is very hard to assimilate when the awakening process "takes off" as it does. During the treatment AA Metatron, AA Michael, Galactic Healer Metronome and Jesus worked through me. But that’s not all ... As I watched the proceedings Jesus actually became the body of my friend. I was shown the power and energy of the Christ working through her all the time and this was an underlining of this beautiful phenomenon taking place for both of us to see. I call that a major WOW! Factor: the return of the Christed consciousness to earth. Well must get back to the more mundane house work of the day ... all good grounding is it not?
A, Droitwich
As a 42 year old dismissed from my 20 year career on the grounds of ill health I can only say I felt lost. I attended Kay’ Zega's excellent Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki courses and have gained a lot from them. I still require help and support but now I have more confidence and have made plans for the future.