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Other Holistic Therapies

Available with Kay Zega

Kay Zega offers a range of in-person and distant holistic therapy treatments and can offer advice on what will be most appropriate for you/your loved ones from a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual perspective. Kay Zega is fully qualified and experienced in the therapies offered and all treatments commence with a confidential consultation to ensure that you receive high levels of care and attention.

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About Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is a generic term for any treatment/therapy session that is intended to treat the individual as a whole on all levels. Most complementary therapies could be regarded as holistic. When treatment or therapy is conducted alongside or in addition to conventional medicine, it is referred to as ‘Complementary Medicine’ as the practices complement each other.

Holistic therapies are not an indulgence or a pampering treat, they can benefit everyday health and wellness.

Because these therapies work with you holistically, each treatment is entirely individual; as such it is not possible to predict exactly how you will feel during or following treatments. However, the most common experience is that of relaxation and increased sense of wellbeing.


Potential Benefits 

  • Re-establishment of homeostasis (natural balance)
  • Release of emotional blocks
  • Relief of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Pain relief and healing on different levels
  • Healing of past trauma and abuse
  • Balancing of the body’s chakras and re-establishment of harmonious flow of energy
  • Stimulation of immune system and acceleration of natural self healing
  • Improved circulation & cleansing of toxins and impurities
  • Greater clarity, alertness and heightened perception/healthier perspective
  • Closer connection with inner wisdom
  • Insight into underlying causes of dis-ease
  • Increased ability to respond more calmly to events in life
  • Deep relaxation and sense of inner peace
  • Improved sleep
  • Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energised and re-empowered



Contact Kay to book any of the following Holistic Therapy Treatments
(or any of our powerfully therapeutic Life Change Programmes) for yourself or a loved one.

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When you are feeling anxious, frightened, confused, distressed, unable to cope, or just fed up of issues that have affected you for too long and impacted on too many areas of your life, talking to someone in confidence who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference.

Counselling/psychotherapy provides a regular time for you to offload, explore your feelings, talk about your problems and arrive at solutions best suited to you. A counsellor can help you develop better ways of coping, allowing you to live the life you deserve.

Kay Zega is a qualified, Registered Counsellor with many years' experience helping people from many backgrounds achieve positive change.  See her entry in the Counselling Directory for full details.


Cost: £50 per 1 hr session

Crystals each have their own properties and their piezoelectric charge is believed to interact beneficially with our electro-magnetic energy fields, in other words the subtle bodies which surround and permeate our physical body. These include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies which collectively are termed the aura.

Crystals absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy helping an out of balance body to regain its natural energetic rhythm. During a Crystal Therapy Treatment various crystals and minerals are placed on or around your fully clothed body. The crystals most suited for you at the time of your treatment are placed on sites of pain, on acupuncture points or meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called chakras.

Benefits can include: deep relaxation; release of stress and pain; calming a busy mind; shifting of blocked energies; enhancing vitality; chakra balancing; improved sleep; increased energy balance internally and externally.

Cost: £50 per 1 hr session. Available as in-person and distant treatments

Reiki (Japanese for 'Universal life force energy') is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive, holistic hands on energy healing technique that can help balance and harmonise mind, body and spirit.

21st century living with its high levels of stress can impede healthy flow of life force energy, blocking energy pathways, leading to dis-ease. Reiki helps to shift blockages, allowing life force energy to flow more freely facilitating balance and harmonisation on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

The deeply calming/relaxing/rebalancing effects of a Reiki treatment help activate your own natural self-healing abilities, boosting your wellbeing to the optimum level most appropriate for you.

As such, Reiki can enhance everyday life for anyone, of any age, including babies, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and elderly. Regular sessions can boost wellness and help ward off illness.

Cost: £50 per 1 hr session. Available as in-person and distant treatments.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing is a powerful system of healing, transformation and spiritual development. It takes place in a multidimensional field of energy - a vortex - which allows a quantum shift to occur. Shamballa energy expands consciousness to realisation of yourself as a multidimensional being with unlimited power, aiding personal and spiritual development.

The central core of Shamballa is unconditional love, for self and others; an innate knowing of your connection with all of creation; and freedom to recognise this knowing, enabling you to step into your own power, your personal mastery.

During Shamballa MultiDimensional treatments, the crystalline energy matrices within our energy fields are opened to receive the highly-refined, powerfully healing, transformational energy of Shamballa’s diamond (unconditional love) frequency. During each healing session, there is direct connection with the source of cosmic healing power which allows the collective consciousness of the Ascended & Galactic Masters and Archangels to help to:

  • channel cosmic energies to flow to all parts in need of healing
  • clear away blocks including unnecessary programs from the past and old emotional debris you’ve been carrying through lifetimes.
  • aid you in recognising your co-creational role here on Earth
  • prepare you to embrace new energies
  • assist you in being present in each and every moment, instead of worrying about the past and projecting fears into the future

Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing treatments are a delight to receive.

Cost: £35 to £45 per 45 min to 1 hr session

Indian Head Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation and is perfect for relieving the effects of stress. It uses a variety of therapeutic massage movements that focus not only on the head but also on the shoulders, upper back, neck, arms and face where many people build up tension.

An Indian Head Massage treatment is both subtle and deep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated while deeply relaxed, tranquil and at peace, with therapeutic effects lasting long after the treatment has ended.

Benefits of regular Indian Head Massage are individual, varied and cumulative and are believed to include: deep sense of peace and wellbeing; relaxation of head, neck and shoulder muscles; stimulation of hair growth; improvement in concentration and memory; relief of anxiety; improved sleep; alleviation of eye strain and relief from migraine and headaches; restoring of tranquility and harmony as the body’s vital energy flow is re-balanced and its natural healing forces are mobilised.

Cost: £65 per 1½ hr session

1½ hrs of ‘me-time’ to enjoy and benefit from specially tailored therapy(ies) to relieve stress,
Switch off from your hectic life and relax deeply in a peaceful environment.
You will also learn some powerful techniques to aid you in reducing and managing your stress.

Cost: £370 for 6 x 1½ hr sessions

The PPP programme involves solution focused counselling and incorporates complementary therapies specifically tailored to help with your personal development and positive life change. Between session activities are a requirement as they reinforce therapeutic work and increase levels of progress/achievement. This programme is popular with those suffering stress overload, severe anxiety and trauma-related fears.


Powerfully Therapeutic Life Change Programmes

In addition to the therapies detailed above, we offer 3 powerfully therapeutic Life Change Programmes, personally tailored to you, your circumstances and your individual needs.

  • Amethyst Suite: 5 sessions - £180
  • Sapphire Suite: 10 sessions - £360
  • Diamond Suite: 15 sessions - £450

Each comprehensive suite includes:

  • Initial confidential consultation (to ensure you receive high level care and attention)
  • Supportive exploration of causes of current ‘dis-ease’ (unhappiness, anger, frustration, undermined self esteem/confidence, plus any/all of the other indicators that scream to you that all is far from well in your life)
  • Mutually agreed therapeutic Life Change Treatment Plan/Plan of Action best suited to your unique needs. Treatment Plan to include a mix of the most beneficial, therapeutic holistic therapies/counselling/tuition/positive life change interventions tailored specifically for you. (This plan will be adjusted as appropriate as therapy proceeds in line with your progress/what will best match your hoped-for outcome.)
  • Identification of Disempowering ‘Hooks’/Ties (people, places, situations which rob you of your power, limit your potential.)
  • Severing ties/‘hooks’ (Cutting you free from energy sapping sources)
  • Reclaiming & consolidating your power.
  • Consolidation of learning/prevention of relapse into old behavioural patterns
  • Utilising learning on an ongoing basis to benefit yourself and others.
  • Sources of information and ongoing support/guidance


Note Gift Vouchers are available to any value.


The therapies, training and services on this website are not offered as a cure or as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. The information provided on this website, expressed or implied, is for the purposes of information only; it is not given as medical advice. If you have a health problem, health question or medical emergency you are advised to consult your doctor.