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with Kay Zega, Registered Master Teacher

Treatments, Training, Mentoring, Counselling: Worcester, England.
Retreats: Glastonbury, England, Netherlands and Southern France.
Invitations to teach elsewhere in the world welcomed.

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2 Day Angelic Reiki Update

Angelic Reiki Update/ Spiritual Enhancement Gathering
with Kay Zega
Royal City of Worcester - 9.30am to 5pm

If you've learned Angelic Reiki to any level, this Update provides opportunities to:

·        Update, Expand & Deepen Your Angelic Reiki/Spiritual Knowledge & Understanding.
·        ‘Upskill’ & Make New Friends/Useful Contacts while Refreshing Your Original Training.
·        Enhance Your Abilities for Personal Empowerment, Self Treating, as a Professional
     Practitioner and Teacher.

·        Ensure You Impart the Current Wisdom & Authentic Purity of Angelic Reiki when Teaching.
·        Expand Consciousness at an Individual and Group Level with Exponential Benefits.
·        Understand Limiting Beliefs & Behavioural Traits that may be Restricting Potential/
     Blocking Success (for You, Your Clients, Your Students).

·        Raise Questions/Share Concerns in a Supportive Environment.
·        Use this 2 day Update as CPPD (Continuing Personal & Professional Development).
·        Enjoy yourself while benefiting from ‘Going Deeper’ with Angelic Reiki.

This Angelic Reiki Update/Spiritual Enhancement Gathering is for you especially if, for any reason, you haven’t been able to keep yourself up to date with how Angelic Reiki has increasingly, profoundly, ‘gone deeper and deeper’ while encouraging greater and greater simplification.

To enjoy this supportively enlightening special gathering of likeminded Angelic Reiki people, contact Kay on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our World, indeed the whole of the Cosmos,
is constantly moving, changing, developing.

As such, anything kept static stagnates.

Ever since Angelic Reiki’s inception in 2003, this profound system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion has continued to develop and to gift us with much deeper knowledge. Indeed it will continue to do so - in line with advances in human consciousness - supported by the Angelic Kingdom of Light. It cannot be any other way.

This 2 Day interactive Angelic Reiki Update/Spiritual Enhancement Gathering is offered in a spirit of mutual respect and support for wherever each participant is with their existing beliefs, understanding and practice. It will provide a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has learned Angelic Reiki at any level (with Kay Zega or another teacher) to benefit from refreshing, updating and deepening their knowledge/understanding and skills on a personal, spiritual and professional level. 

Any learning/interaction with likeminded others in a supportive, developmental environment deepens understanding and brings new perspective which can be so beneficial on many levels.

What’s included:

·        Overview of ways this phenomenal system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion has developed since
      you learned it at any level (and how you can easily embrace these changes for maximum benefit personally, spiritually,

·         Deeper insight into Angels as powerful Archetypes and into the science behind the ability of angelic energies to
      transcend time and space as we know it.

·         Connecting with the Angelic Kingdom of Light in purer ways to benefit yourself and those you treat.
·         Importance of Getting Out of the Way (Releasing the human need to ‘do’, feel responsible, be attached to outcome . . .)
      during angelic healing treatments.

·         Appreciating and upholding the true purity and simplicity of Angelic Reiki (personally, as a Practitioner and as a Teacher).
·         Understanding and communicating what Angelic Reiki is and is not.
·         Karma Clearing, Cellular/DNA Cleansing.
·         Attunements (including Archangelic Attunement which you will receive at your current level of consciousness) bringing
      potentially profound insights.

·         Healing Treatment.
·         Embracing your own magnificence by understanding what drives you and recognising potential self sabotage.
·         Q&As/Clarifying concerns.
·         Update on Angelic Reiki UK and International.
·         CPD/CPPD and ways to Enhance and Update Your Skills, Knowledge & Understanding.
·         Networking &amp Ongoing Support.


Angelic Reiki attunements, healings and interactions expand consciousness exponentially.  As such, during this spiritually enhancing event, you can expect to receive insights accompanied by inner prompts regarding necessary changes.  These may represent ‘Aha!’ moments; equally they may bring to the surface what you may have suppressed but which needs to be sorted.

If you choose to join us, y ou will be most welcome at this very special
Angelic Reiki Update/Spiritual Enhancement Gathering.

Throughout the whole 2 days, you will experience the group energies and interactions, tuition, initiations, attunements and healings at your current level of consciousness - which is different from when you first learned Angelic Reiki.

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