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Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing

Association of Natural Medicines-accredited Advanced Level Professional Practice Training with Kay Zega MA qualified college lecturer/trainer, multi-therapist, counsellor, wellness & positive life change specialist with many years' experience operating as a professional complementary therapist.


Ever increasingly, Complementary/Holistic Therapy Practitioners contribute to the health/wellness of the nation. Whether we offer treatments to the public on a voluntary or paid basis, our reputation (and that of the profession) depends on how well trained we have been - certainly in the particular therapy(ies) we practise - but also in actual professional practice, ie: practising professionally in ways that inspire trust and respect from clients and other practitioners. Operating as a professional practitioner includes taking account of changes impacting upon therapists, eg: Legislation; National Occupational Standards for many areas of healthcare including Healing; Regulation of Complementary Therapies/Practitioner Registers; Technological challenges and opportunities, etc.

Ideally, your practitioner training will also have provided guidance on practice management, ways to market/promote yourself and your therapy(ies) successfully, and the importance of your own self care.


Is this accredited Advanced Level Professional Practitioner Course for you?

Yes, if:

  • You are already qualified to practitioner level in a complementary/holistic therapy and realise there are gaps in the practitioner training you've received that could be filled by this course.
  • It appeals to you to incorporate this well-respected ANM-accredited Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing qualification into the holistic therapy training you are undertaking with Kay Zega or someone else.
  • You choose to supplement your existing training by learning the essentials of practising your complementary therapy(ies) legally, ethically, successfully to a high standard of professionalism, inspiring trust/respect. Even if you feel your original training was not A1, your experience to date will be respected and valued.
  • Life has led you down different paths since qualifying as a practitioner and this course appeals as a refresher/skills update opportunity.  Your wisdom and experience will be respected and valued.
  • You see merit in acquiring this Advanced Level qualification.

Michelle, Richard and Alex - May 2013 

blockquote-in3 Achieving the ANM Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing through Kay Zega has been the highlight of a 2 year personal and professional journey into complementary therapy and healing. It is a prestigious qualification and covers a multitude of criteria which has equipped me very well to start my business, interact professionally with clients and meet the needs and highest standards of an ever growing and important industry.
Richard, Wales  blockquote-out3 

blockquote-in3  The holistic therapy profession has undergone many increases in therapies, regulations and legal requirements. The ANM advanced certificate for professional practitioners provides the most up to date and comprehensive qualification for anyone wishing to attain the highest standards in their field. I am proud to have achieved success in this course and feel confident that it has provided a solid and secure foundation for my career going forward.
Alex, Wales

blockquote-in3 Achieving the ANM advanced certificate of professional practice as part of Kay Zega’s 4 day Professional Practitioner Retreat has provided me a broad base of knowledge and skills for conducting complementary therapies professionally and the expertise for starting my own complementary therapies business. I am confident that achieving this outstanding qualification has more than provided me with the highest standards of professionalism required within the complementary therapy industry.
Michelle, Lancashireblockquote-out3 

blockquote-in3  I recently achieved the ANM (Association of Natural medicine) Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing.  This course is very comprehensive with excellent guidance and encouragement given by Kay.  The course not only gives you the confidence to succeed in the Holistic Healing as a Healer but also the qualities and information needed to succeed as a professional business.  The support and encouragement continues even when you have successfully completed the course, including the monthly Healing & Development meetings which I have found extremely enlightening and motivating.
Jayne E Brassington, Worcestershire

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This ANM-accredited Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing qualification is an invaluable aid to those practising - or wishing to practise - holistic therapies (of which Angelic Reiki is one).  As detailed below, it involves intensive accredited training in how to operate successfully as a Professional Practitioner and includes the essentials of practising your complementary therapy(ies) legally, ethically, successfully to a high standard of professionalism, inspiring respect and trust.  It also covers setting up in business, marketing & managing your practice, plus much more. 


Successful completion of this course, merits award of the ANM-accredited Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing plus a CPD certificate.


Course Content:

  • Recommended Reading
  • Nature of Disease and of Holistic Healing
  • The Healing Environment/Guidelines for Conducting Holistic Healing Treatments Professionally
  • Intense Healing Events (Healing Crises)
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology/Subtle Anatomy/Contra-indications & Areas of Caution
  • Client Assessment, Contracting & Record Keeping
  • Client Record/Consultation Forms
  • Setting Up in Business, Marketing, Promoting & Managing Your Practice
  • Legislative Aspects and Professional Requirements
  • Common Law Duty of Care
  • Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • Disability Discrimination Act/Equality Act
  • Data Protection Act
  • Practical Protection for Professional Practitioners
  • Relevant Insurance Cover
  • Malpractice & Liability Claims
  • National Occupational Standards
  • Regulation of Complementary Therapies
  • Responsibilities of the Professional Practitioner
  • Communication Skills, Professional Interpersonal Transactions & Confidentiality
  • Conduct/Ethics/Confidentiality (Standards of Professional Practice)
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reflective Practitioning (Critical Self Evaluation)
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)/Skills to Enhance Practice
  • Membership of Professional Associations/Practitioner Registers


Location:   Worcester & other locations by arrangement





15½ hours of guided learning (daytime/evenings) plus subsequent personal study/research/
practical application in own time comprising c60 hours. Ongoing support provided.

 Dates: Enquire  

Dates arranged in line with demand
International courses (min 6 students).

Note: This course can be combined with the Angelic Reiki Part 2 Professional Practitioner workshop.

Contact Kay if this appeals.


Includes: in depth tuition; comprehensive training manual; ongoing support; assessment of written account demonstrating understanding of operating as a Professional Practitioner; assessment of 1 observed professionally-conducted holistic healing treatment; and costs levied by ANM in awarding this accredited Advanced Certificate in Practising Holistic Therapies Professionally.

Support: Ongoing by email and telephone

Achieving the ANM-accredited Advanced Level Certification involves:

  • Attending this intensive advanced level training - either as a standalone course or as part of any practitioner level holistic therapy training with Kay Zega
  • Demonstrating required level of understanding and application via achievement of set tasks, including a c2,500 word assignment, case studies and 1 assessed professionally-conducted healing treatment.


This training provides evidence of commitment to operating as a Professional Practitioner as well as to Continuing Professional Development.


Successful completion merits award of the ANM-accredited  Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice of Holistic Healing plus a CPD certificate.

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