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Preparing for an Angelic Reiki Workshop

Angelic Reiki Training (including attunements, initiations, healings . . .) confers far, far more than just the ability to work with powerful angelic healing energies.
Angelic Reiki is also a profound aid to personal and spiritual development.

I congratulate you on your decision to commence - or further - your ‘journey with Angelic Reiki’ and I draw your attention to the following:

  • It is recommended that, before you attend any level of Angelic Reiki - and especially the Level 1&2 course - you read the very informative book "Angelic Reiki: The Healing for Our Time" ISBN 13: 9781452503295  ISBN 10: 145250329X, available from Amazon and elsewhere.

  • In the 7 days prior to and during the course, angels will connect with you through your consciousness to prepare you for the attunements/initiations/healings.  This may or may not involve you experiencing (to varying degrees of intensity) physical, emotional and spiritual clearings as a result of the cleansing purity of the angelic energy.  You may or may not be aware of changes occurring; this happens naturally and is an integral part of embracing Angelic Reiki.

  • In the run up to the course, hold in your consciousness the sacredness of the work we are to do.  This includes embracing all personal changes and clearings that may present themselves to you prior to the workshop. (If any of these clearings present a problem to you, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to support you and give you an insight into the process.)

  • During the course - and subsequently during healing treatments - you will merge consciousness with indescribably mighty Angelic Archetypes to facilitate healing.

  • Throughout the course, the teaching room becomes a sacred space and as such is a ‘no shoes, no mobile phones/similar devices, no food or drink (except water)’ area.  Therefore you might like to bring socks or slippers to wear.
  • For each session, it is recommended that you wear loose, comfy clothing (perhaps in layers as the temperature rises and falls in line with the energies generated). If you have a favourite cushion and/or blanket, feel free to bring them. 

    Please also bring with you some pure water and packed lunches.


Whilst initiation into Angelic Reiki is a truly profound experience, treated with and deserving of appropriate respect, please note that the nature of the courses I offer is gentle and supportive, with many light hearted moments.

Kay Zega

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