Angelic Reiki


with Kay Zega, Registered Master Teacher

Treatments, Training, Mentoring, Counselling: Worcester, England.
Retreats: Glastonbury, England, Netherlands and Southern France.
Invitations to teach elsewhere in the world welcomed.

phone: 01905 26002

Payments can be by bank transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal.  
If paying by PayPal please note we will have to recover from you the 4% that PayPal charge us to receive your payment.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or cheque, please use the contact us form and request details to enable you to do so. 



Important Note:
We provide the Google Translate feature as a service. However, when used with our booking form, we will not receive the form and there could be errors in the prices displayed. Therefore, when reserving your place on any workshop, please use the original English version (not the translated version) of the booking form. PayPal will convert all GBP amounts to your local currency.


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