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Master Teacher Level

Honouring the spiritual principles, cosmic laws and ancient wisdom which underpin Archangel Metatron’s pure Angelic Reiki, this unique system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion is not taught one to one, nor via online distant learning/remote attunements. Knowing how powerfully profound attunements, initiations and healings are during authentic Angelic Reiki workshops (and how the energies are increased exponentially by group size) the founders Kevin & Christine Core have stressed the importance of there needing to be at least 4 participants in every Angelic Reiki workshop.

All Angelic Reiki workshops offered on this website uphold the true purity of Angelic Reiki and honour both the spirit and practice of the spiritual principles, cosmic laws and ancient wisdom underpinning authentic Angelic Reiki.


Cost: £420 (£100 deposit  non-returnable if you cancel)


3 days
 Dates: Enquire re dates

Suitable for: Those who have already achieved Level 1&2, Level 3&4 and Professional Practitioner Level and who wish to teach Angelic Reiki.
You are also welcome if you simply want to refresh your Angelic Reiki Teacher skills.
This welcome includes anyone who learned the old system and now wishes to teach the full system of Angelic Reiki with all of its potential.


The purpose of the Master Teacher workshop is to initiate the participant into the Master Teacher energy of Angelic Reiki.  This will happen in the most perfect way for each person and it is recommended that they just be open to whatever may unfold.


Your soul, your Divine calling has attracted you to this
Master Teacher workshop to accept your role in grounding
the love and light of the collective consciousness
that is the Angelic Kingdom of Light.



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  • Are you ready to accept the honour privilege and responsibility of becoming an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher?


  • Are you ready to be transformed as you integrate the Master Teacher energies?


  • Are you ready for your consciousness and lightbody to radiate, continuously, the Love Vibration of The Angelic Kingdom of Light?


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  • Principles and Practice of Clearing, Dedicating and Opening the Space.
  • Cleansing, Entity Release and Attunement to 4th Degree
  • Meditation with the Archangels of the Tree of Life.
  • Archangelic Master Initiation and Attunement.
  • Grounding and the Feeling Body.
  • Setting up as an Angelic Reiki Teacher.
  • Practical Advice for Setting up and Running Workshops.
  • Workshop Guidance.
  • Practical Experience and Guidance in Leading a Healing Practice.
  • Guidance on facilitating Attunements, Cleanses and the Entity Release.
  • Organisation, support and responsibilities of the Teacher.
  • Review and Discussion of any Topics or Issues regarding Angelic Reiki, in line with the needs of the group.
  • Comprehensive Manual (plus additional informative literature provided by Kay Zega in accordance with what best supports each group’s understanding and embracement of this level of Angelic Reiki)
  • Award of official, internationally recognised Angelic Reiki Master Teacher certificate.
  • plus much more...

During this workshop you will learn more about yourself, about Angelic Reiki, and about Beings of Light.  The profound experiences may trigger lessons that your soul has chosen for resolution and these may come up energetically during or following the workshop.

In the words of the collective consciousness that is The Angelic Kingdom of Light:


“Your very presence on this Master Teacher workshop will touch the whole of human consciousness.


It is impossible for you ever to be separate from us.  You are Emissaries of Light, and that you are holding this light in the physical realm is awesome to us.


Follow your own guidance on whatever path it may lead you.  Go without fear towards whatever makes your heart sing.


No human dilemmas and challenges that arise will ever hamper or compromise the light of the Angelic Kingdom that you radiate.”


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Here are a few quotes from people who’ve done the Master Teacher Level:

blockquote-in3 I have recently attended the Angelic Reiki Master Teacher course with Kay Zega, I have done many courses with Kay and always know that any course I do will enrich my life due to her unlimited knowledge, deep spiritual understanding, warmth and peace in the sacred space kay creates for us to learn in. Whilst we do courses, Kay welcomes us with warmth and love and you will feel automatically at peace. I have a busy life and know when I go to any of Kay’s workshops, I can let go and enjoy the beauty of Angelic Reiki.  For me this course has lifted my consciousness to a high level, Teacher level, and I know that from the course that this has been anchored into my consciousness also. I am master of my life and feel prepared by the course to go on and teach this very special system of healing. Thankyou Kay for sharing this gift with me, it has been a magical time and one I will never forget xxxblockquote-out3


blockquote-in3Attending the Master Teacher level with all the clearings, attunements and healings was wonderful; all the energies present gave me such a feeling of home coming. They also helped me to clear and deal with old issues of low self esteem, expectation and fear. This showed me how important it is to be in these energies throughout the entire course for it allows the insight and information from one’s higher self and the higher realms according to one’s highest good, to unfold. It would be great to have more Angelic Reiki courses to attend!!  The Master Teacher level also provided a great forum for a wide range of questions and answers, from the practical running of a healing practice and courses to esoteric knowledge and how Angelic Reiki came to be. The opportunity to conduct clearings and practise teaching parts of the course in a safe and loving environment was great. I also met some amazing people throughout this course and made some wonderful new friends too.blockquote-out3


blockquote-in3I very much enjoyed the Master Teacher workshop, as i have all the others before. The course itself was quite enlightening for me. The cleansings, attunements and healings were especially effective for me this time around as a great amount of fear was cleared from me, which has allowed me to distill within myself a new level of confidence as a practitioner but also as a teacher. The chance to actually teach/conduct sections of Angelic Reiki training during our course were amazing, to try these out in the friendly and safe environment, with friends is truly a great benefit. The whole weekend just flowed so flawlessly, my only regret is that there are no more "levels" or classes after this. I have met some truly wonderfull people during my Angelic reiki journey from start to finish and have made some great new friends along the way. My love to you all xxxblockquote-out3


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